Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Loving Jonathan Adler's new collection for Kravet

A few post ago, I wrote about the joys of my job.  Here I go again loving my job and all that comes with it.  Another one of the perks to being an interior designer is the opportunity to preview fabric lines.   I recently saw Jonathan Adler's new collection for Kravet and of course fell in love with it.

What about it caused me to fall in love?  I'll show you

First of all it was the COLORS, fresh and crisp. From the vibrant colors to the muted tones. 


                      Velvets and cut velvets, geometric, abstract & contemporary linear patterns

The PATTERNS, a collection of patterns that work nicely together from the chevron to the pots, the small repeats to the stripes and circles.  I can see combining several of these patterns in one room

                      Limitless Chevron with Distored, available in all of the colorways 


                 Solids with Wabash                                               The collection                                    

The TRIMS, vibrant and mimicking the fabrics all complementing one another.

Finally, the PRICE POINTS.  They are wonderful!

I have a client in mind whom I think will love this combination of colors and patterns.  I'm thinking... upholster a chair and ottoman in the tweed, the distorted pattern on an upholstered bench, the stripes on pillow shams over a solid coverlet and drapes out of the linen pots.  I'll need to add the trim somewhere, it's going to be spectacular.

Jonathan Adler's collection reflects "his colorful approach to design with linen and velvet featuring bright colors, modernist forms, bold graphic patterns and embroidery".

What do you think about the collection? I'd love to know, send me a message and share your thoughts.

Thank you,  Brunschwig and Fils for sharing Jonathan Adlers for Kravet

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chevron, It's everywhere

                                                 Creative minds at work, High Point 2012                                                 


It's always so exciting to get ready for market, so much goes into it from my point of view as a designers.  First of all it's previewing lines, deciding who I'm going to see and  finally making a schedule and hoping I get to see everyone on my list.  Ultimately, it's planning on wearing the right shoes, they will either make or break your day.

Each time I visit market I try to look for reoccurring trends and I have to say that what I saw the most of was Chevron.  If your not familiar with the pattern, it is a series of V's and inverted V's.

  This beautiful sofa from Harden Furniture would be lots of fun in a game room. 


                   From settees to sofa's

It seems like everyone got into Chevron, from Jonathan Adlers new collection at Kravet, to bedding from Traditions linens, to the cover of the Lutron  brochure.

If you haven't started seeing Chevron everywhere, you will soon!