Saturday, January 28, 2012

Atlanta Market 2012

Atlanta Market
I can't believe it's taken me this long to write about my visit to the Atlanta market, but I'm still trying to recover.

The January gift show in Atlanta draws from all over the country.  Buzzing with buyers all of us excited  to get inspired with new ideas, colors, styles, shapes and textures and bring those ideas back to our clients so we can offer something special and unique!

Heading down I-85 for a weekend packed with activity, I dragged my better half on his first buying trip.  I don't think my numbers guy had a clue of what was ahead but being the great guy, and husband that he is,  he was a trooper and enjoyed every bit of the excitement.

Our weekend started at Scotts Antique Market, a flea market I've been wanting to attend for years and it just so happened to coincide with America's Mart.  It was a perfect day and I found some great buys.

Saturday, we were off to America's mart.  Having several appointments back to back, we had a tight schedule to adhere to.
There was lots to see with many furniture, accessory and outdoor lines represented in Atlanta

What did I see?

 Artisans sharing their talents at Guild Master

The trend in furniture is reclaimed wood with iron and LOTS of burlap

 Of course my favorite are the textiles:  Kantha (handmade fabrics from layers of vintage sari's) and Turkish Suzani's and Ikats.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

NARI and Extreme Home Makeover

They say your only as good as the people you surround yourself with.  That is one of the main reasons I belong to NARI  (National Association of Remodelers Industry) aside from the fact that I love remodeling.

Today, I am really proud of the work they just did with the House of Hope Resource Center in Lincolnton, NC and extreme makeover.

Devonda and James Friday of Lincolnto were honored tonight by NARI at our first meeting of the year for the selfless work they have done to strenghen families and communities.

Tonight NARI raised over $1,000.00 in raffle tickets to purchase car seats and booster seats for the House of Hope to give away.
 Congratulations James and Devonda, we thank you and your family for the work you do.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

graphic logo
                          Big Ideas for 2012
Everywhere we look, "Organization" seems to be the word to  
start 2012.  My goal is to help you put it in perspective to your  
own home.

If you have changes that you have been wanting to do, this could  
be the year to do it 

So HIT REFRESH and lets get started,

                Jan 2012, goal

1. Set a goal  Write it down and Make it an attainable goal
Example:  This year I would like to renovate my master bathroom  

         vison board 
             This is what I'd like my room to look like  

2.  Make a vision board and place it where you can see it Gather images and words of rooms, furniture and accessories you like.  This will help you to get excited and work towards your goal

3.  Can't do it alone and need direction, that's what I am here for.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

March Madness Transformation

graphic logo
                  March Madness Transformation
                  carolina bbcarolina bbcarolina bb

Some of you may remember our March Madness competition last year when I asked readers to submit their most troublesome room and I gave away a Two hour in home consultation.  I actually selected two rooms,and I wanted to share the changes made to Marcela's room with you.
Marcela's sunroom before
description of Marcela's room  
I began by having a conversation with Marcela and deciding on her goals and what she wanted the room to feel like.   I next evaluated the space to see what was actually not working in the room and what needed to be done to make it work.   
The sun room had great bones, an awesome fireplace,  beautiful floors, high ceilings and lots of windows, not to mention some great looking leather sofas and a darling settee with coordinating chairs.
            Marcela 1/12   
            Marcela b4 1/12        

My challenge was how to tie everything together to make it work for her and develop a plan.

I began by rearranging the furniture and creating spaces within the space. 

    Marcela new 1/12
By complementing the existing colors and adding Marcelas' charm, the room became a place she calls "her own room".  And in a house full of men, she really needed her own space.
                      Marcela sette 1/12
To see more of Marcela's room visit

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Using Tangerine Tango in your Interiors

As a Charlotte based designer,  keeping up with the latest design trends is part of my duties as a professional designer.  Trends will influence what consumers will see in fashion, interiors and other products.
We all know interior design colors do not change as rapidly as those in fashion.  Brentano Design Director Iris Wang points out that this is a positive aspect, otherwise everyone would be pressured to change upholstery fabric and drapery with far too much frequency.

What we do see in interiors are punches of the color used as accents and accessories.
This hot and spicy hue has a lot of depth to it.   The red and yellow undertones create a dramatic visual that radiates heat and energy.

Paired with neutrals, Tangerine Tango will be sure to brighten up a space and add pop.


Here are some fun and economical ideas that will add spice to your interiors using Tangerine Tango 
• Paint a wall Tangerine Tango for a dynamic burst of color.. use of accent pieces, such as accent 
• Use as an accent piece in upholstery (accent chair, dining chair seats, bar stools, ottomans)
• Pillows, have fun with them
• Rugs, small or large - walls chairs, rugs and pillows.

This vibrant color will be the inspiration  adding  that “WOW” factor to life.

Story board created by Rosa Dest Interiors

So go ahead and add a little hot & spicy to your space

Monday, January 2, 2012

And the 2012 Pantone Color of the Year is….

Tangerine Tango
Home Accents Today

Pantone has announced it color of the year for 2012 as Tangerine Tango.  The color is FRESH and the name is Fabulous.  Tangerine Tango elicits fun and creativity, an attention-getter and a bit exotic. It is sure to be a show stopper whether your accessorizing your home or wearing it.

If your wondering why Pantones' selection is so important, watch this video and let me know what you think.