Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dream Home

I'm in Washington, DC this week for a couple of days visiting my son.  I had sometime by myself today so I decided to visit the Washington Design Center 2011 Dream Home.
Eight of Washington's most creative designers collaborated with DC area jewelers.  They each selected a piece of jewelry which would become their inspiration for their room.

I will share with you a couple of my favorites.

The Atrium, by JD Ireland Interiors was inspired by this blue agate and gold stunning necklace.
The space is clean-lined with unified movement, stimulating the senses with sparkle.
  It is anchored with natural material and highlighted with gold and blue accents inspired by the necklace.  I loved the use of the iron spheres and the punch of sparkle.

The Bedroom Suite by Zoe Felman Design
 This beautiful gold and diamond ring resembling a tree bark-like pattern with subtle hints of silver was the inspiration to this modern bedroom.   The floors, walls and trim are painted shades of silver and gold and accents of bolder colors add vibrancy to the elegant bedroom.
  I liked the use of the free forming shapes used in pieces such as the fan chair and lotus table.

The Living Room by Susan Nelson Interiors

The vibrant necklace by Dina Mackney just makes you want to smile and this is exactly what Susan Nelson wanted you to do when you walked into her Living room.  The Asmara rug was the inspiration to the living room.  The colors in the rug;  yellow, green, coral tuquoise and lavender gave the room an airy feel and a punch of color.   My favorite was the aqua chandelier, it made me smile.