Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cozy Up: Rug Delight Guide

One of my favorite pieces that really ties the room together is a well-chosen rug.  I was absolutely in heaven on a trip to Morocco when I was able to see each step in the process of their exquisite craftsmanship and explore the souks for incredible finds.  I was in Berber and Beni Ourain heaven!  Here are a few important thoughts when picking the right rug for your cozy space.

Build On Your Palette
Your rug selection is another opportunity to ground your palette with soft luxury.  I like balanced hues that pull the room together and create a snug feeling without appearing small.

Let’s all shout from the roof tops: size matters!  A rug that is too small for a space can create a disjointed appearance and fall flat of that polished look you’re going for. If you’re just dying to use your favorite antique or vintage rug that’s just a bit too small thoughtfully layered rugs can help you pull it off!  Whether you accent it with a solid or layer patterns you can stretch the focus and create something effortlessly beautiful in the process!

Underfoot Feel
Having a soft or plush underfoot feel to your rug is another great way to pull together a cozy feel.  Rugs with a higher pile, wool composition, a soft sheepskin, or that perfectly worn in kilim are just a few great options to treat your feet!

Don’t forget to protect your hardwoods!  The rug pad is almost as crucial as the rug itself because it doesn’t matter how beautiful a rug looks if it’s slipping and sliding and you’re constantly tripping over it!  Check out more rugs we love on our Pinterest Board.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cozy Up With Your Soft Goods

When you think of a cozy living room, you can easily imagine a sofa you practically seem to sink into!  Being engulfed in such soft textures will make your Netflix movie hard to stay awake through!  Once you have direction with your sofa selection, you can add comfort and enhance your style with your soft good selections.  Pillows and throws help pull together that luxurious feel.

When selecting pillow size it’s important to remember that a larger sized pillow will give you the lounge look and feel.  Too big can of course be overwhelming and considering the amount of pillows you actually need versus ones that simply get in the way.

Whether it’s a pillow or throw, a soft, supple texture will invite you to snuggle up.  And luckily there lots of options for thicker, more luxurious fabrics that are also extremely durable!  Think wool, velvet, faux fur to add pleasing textures even a pouf to prop your feet for that perfect recline position.

I hope you are enjoying cozying up with me as we put together all the puzzle pieces to build your favorite lounge spaces!  Check out some of more Cozy Pinspiration here!

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cozy Up: The Perfect Sofa

When considering new furniture for your living room, there is no bigger selection than your sofa because you depend on it to be functional and beautiful and it’s an added bonus when it’s a timeless shape.  It grounds your space, sets the tone for your style, and gives you a point to build around.  Picking out that perfect sofa for lounging and relaxation is a great way to bring the family together or enjoy a glass of wine with your friends. Here are a few thoughts to help you begin to brainstorm for your new sofa!  Keep in mind that many sofa manufacturers are providing customization on sofa's. Whether it be length or depth, skirted or not, down inserts or nail heads I can guide you make the right investment for your home.

Selecting an oversized sofa or sectional with plenty of depth to sink into and length to stretch out on can help you pinpoint your ideal size.

Comfort is key!  
Don’t make the mistake of buying a sofa purely because you fall in love with the look of it.  If it’s uncomfortable and not to your taste, you won’t end up using it!  Don’t be afraid to test it out before committing!

Fabric & Color
Picking out soft, woven, and natural fabric for you sofa will create a luxurious, rich feel.  Your sofa is also a great opportunity to use a neutral color that you will love for a long time and can easily build versatile looks around or jump right in with a bold statement color!

Having trouble figuring out where to start out?  I love creating mood boards with tons of inspiration to hone in on my selections.  You’ll be surprised when you sit down and check out Houzz, Modernize, or your trusty Cozy Up Pinterest board and RDI blog, how you are drawn to particular shapes and finishes.  So assemble your inspirations and I will gladly give you direction! Reach out and ask how we can be of help. Rosa Dest Interiors, LLC

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A day at the airport

I get so excited when I think about traveling, even more so when it's with my daughter. But I have to say, sitting here at the airport watching the billboard update with flight delays for the last three hours is exasperating. 

First the flight crew was delayedin customs, then it was paperwork. So many reasons that they finally decided to bring out a cart full candy and drinks. Of course everyone waiting is wishing it's  "Happy Hour". 

If the reasons we travel, the people we travel with and the places we go weren't so exciting, we would miss out on the wait and the anxiety that comes with traveling. And of course, we would miss out on the great people watching.
(Sorry no pictures)

 We are now boarding, let's hope we don't have to sit on the tarmac for hours. 

Do you love to travel and have a great airport experience to share? I'd love to hear your story. 
Happy travels!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cozy Up: Cozy Color Schemes We Love

Creating a color palette that will absolutely make you want to curl up is all about finding the right balance of warmth.  Incorporating brown undertones to achieve this look, which can be further highlighted with natural wood surfaces.  Of course, there is a fine line to when cozy strays into a cabin vibe, so consider natural inspired tones to pull it off.  Not only do you have the option of this in your flooring and wall covering but also in your furniture, soft goods, and lighting selections.

I love the way the rattan and wicker add a cozy feel and can be further accented with woven fabrics and warm metals like an antiqued bronze.

The brick wall add a touch of warmth and charm to this kitchen.

Nothing seems better than coming home and enjoying the relaxing, lounge feel a warm palette will give your living room or your bedroom haven.  And as the weather cools off we are drawn more and more to this mood.  Have you tried warming your home’s palette? Although here in Charlotte, NC our weather is not horribly cold, we need to make our homes feel warm and cozy.  I love hearing about and seeing your own projects on our message board!

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Cozy Up: Enhance Your Space With Lighting

It’s obvious by now what a huge fan I am of lighting and of course, the details.  Pairing these two obsessions together is one of my favorite ways to polish and refine a project I’m working on.  It’s also a great way to help bring together that cozy look.  Not only is softer, warmer light more soothing than stark fluorescents, it actually makes your space appear larger.  Finding warmer toned light sources that mimic incandescent bulbs can help create the atmosphere, especially when I imagine a rich antique bronze fixture! Check out these cozy spaces with lighting we love!

The open chandelier is wonderful allowing your eye to travel through the room.  No obstructions.

  Which light fixture grabbed your attention?  And stay tuned for next week’s post when we check out some of the plushest, coziest sofas to anchor your relaxing living space!

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cozy Up: Curl Up By The Fire

After the heat and drought of the summer, the cool down has us enjoying cozy, lounge spaces.  And what better place than by a stunning hearth!  Accenting this focal point with thoughtful decor can take you from average to wow.  One of my favorite ways to achieve this is by starting out by selecting things that mean something to you.  It’s a fun twist to create a more informal look when displaying art or a series of prints with a twist by leaning instead of mounting your pieces on the mantle.  And I love varying depths, heights, and texture of objets, vases, and other decor to add visual interest.  Here are a few favorites!

Check out more of cozy interiors on our Cozy Up Pinterest board to get you geared up for fall and sweater weather!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October Newsletter: Cozy Up!

This month the Cozy Up theme will take us through the additions you can make to your home to create a soft, luxurious, and warm feeling.  Think of  plush pillows, delicate cashmere throws, and a Netflix movie on a rainy afternoon with your family.  Creating a cozy atmosphere will greet you at the threshold every evening and make an inviting atmosphere for your guests.  Today, brown and yellow undertones are your friend and will help you inspire just that feeling to everyone who enters your space.

Warm Gray Versus Cool Gray

Warm Interior Versus Cool Interior

Stay tuned this month to our bi-weekly blog posts to build you own inviting, warm-toned interior! I will check out topics like lighting, decor, and natural finishes to truly make this look pop!

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Friday, October 2, 2015

The Ultimate Kitchen Guide: Countertop Trends

As I wrap up the month on the Ultimate Kitchen Guide, today we wanted to take a look at new trends and tried and true favorites in countertop materials.  Texture, color, and pattern are just a few characteristics to consider when making your selection giving you so many possibilities!  Here are some of our most popular countertops in 2015! If you've been inspired to start planning your kitchen remodel,  reach out to me and I will help you along Rosa Dest Interiors, LLC

Granite continues to hold its spot as the most popular countertop material and for good reason!  Granite comes in a range of colors, textures, and patterns and is durable, heat resistant, and relatively low maintenance.

Engineered Stone
A great alternative to natural stone engineered stone (think Silestone), which is great for a high traffic kitchen!  This material is scratch, stain, and heat resistant, low maintenance, and comes in a range of styles.

Perfect for a contemporary look and highly customizable in shape, polish, and stain, you can select just the look to complement your space.

Butcher Block
We are glad to see timeless butcher block countertops maintaining their popularity.  We love their function and versatility.  You always have the perfect surface to dice your veggies, which you can easily upkeep with a quick, light sanding and oil.  We love butcher block surfaces in any style with their warm, rich color.

We couldn’t forget the always chic look of marble.  Going for marble takes consideration as it is more vulnerable to stain and scratches but one glance at a beautiful marble countertop with delicate, refined movement makes and you’ll remember why it’s such a coveted material.

This year showed a range of function and aesthetics with choices to suit your lifestyle!  Get more inspired with more stunning kitchens and countertops on our Ultimate Kitchen Guide Pinterest board.

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