Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Magical Morocco

Magical Morocco

After our trip to Spain, my husband and I flew to Morocco for a magical experience.  A trip I would highly recommend and would like to share highlights with you.

A view from a cave in Tangiers, this is where the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet. Notice the silhouette of Africa in the opening of the cave. 
The historical entrance gates to Fez,  Moroccan's center of history and religion   

Leather dying vats in the city of Fez 

Traveling through the Atlas Mountains on our way to the Sahara Desert  
Route through the Atlas Mountains 

That's me on the 4th camel 


Mint tea at the Souks of Marrakesh  
Our trip was such a wonderful learning experience, a designers paradise and one I would love to share.  I am in the process of organizing a trip for next spring with a certified bi-lingual guide, fabulous Riads  to stay in and exciting travel and shopping opportunities.  Let me know if this is something that interest you as it will be limited to six people.

Thank you Cosentino

Thank you Cosentino
Who says madness can't be fabulous?   
I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Spain with Cosentino .  Along with a group of interior designers from the US, I was invited to visit their Cosentino, Dekton and Silestone manufacturing plant in Almeria, Spain. 

Our first stop was at Cosentino's marble quarry.  This is where they drill to extract and cut Blanco Macael marble.  A fascinating experience as I had never seen a marble quarry

From there we went to their Silestone and Dekton manufacturing plant.  Silestone is composed of 94% natural quartz and is the first and only quartz countertop with Bacteriostatic Protection, meaning bacteria does not spread on the surface, giving it unique features.   Dekton is a sophisticated blend of the raw materials used to produce the latest in glass and porcelain as well as high quality quartz surfaces.

From pre-fabricated sinks to beautiful tiles to an array of color options, Silestone and Dekton are wonderful products to consider when thinking about a remodel.  

A big THANK YOU to Patty Dominguez from Cosentino and the Cosentino family for an opportunity to learm more about their product, collaborate with other designers from the US and a experience traveling through Spain with such a wonderful and inspiring group of people.