Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Man Cave for Women
What the what is a she-shed?
Apparently, it’s a place of escape for women. Our own little area, away from the house, where we can go and do what we want.
I don’t know about you, but I had never heard about this wondrous escape pod before. And what’s even crazier,
I work in one!
Now, I’ll be honest, this she-shed was not made for me initially. What started out as a shed, was then turned into a pool house/kids hide-a-way, before it was remodeled and turned into my studio. Now, the purpose of the she-shed is to have a method in place for escape. What’s great in my scenario, is that I can walk into my home and leave work behind me.
Same difference.
Here are some ideas for your new she-shed:

Gardener’s Oasis

                                     (1                                                        (2)

Feminine Chic

Artists Retreat
Are the wheels spinning?
What would you do if given the opportunity to create your own she-shed?
Colorfully yours,