Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rolling stones; At home on Stage

My husband is an huge Rolling Stones fan and this past weekend we went to Philly with our daughter to see them in concert.  As I was sitting in the arena waiting to hear them play, I thought about the important role that the stage,  backdrop, lighting and props play in creating our concert experience.

Friday night, the stage was the Rolling Stones home and Jagger was welcoming all 25,000 of us into his space. A lot of thought went into exactly how the stage was going to be dressed and  the lighting needed to make the setting just perfect.

Our homes are no different.  When we think about the design of our homes, like their stage, we need to make sure the backdrop, meaning our walls and the art on them, as well as the layers of lighting and our props (floor coverings and accessories) all complement each other.  We are in fact creating our experience of comfort that reflects how we like to live.


Most importantly just how the Rolling Stones stage reflects the groups image and music, our homes reflect our lifestyles.