Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Festive centerpiece delights

WOW your guest with this easy to make centerpiece for your thanksgiving table. 
 I saw this darling centerpiece in Better Homes & Garden and thought, it's perfect!

Better Homes & Garden

They called them "Tabletop 'Mumkins'", now that's cute.

Mum's the word when dressing up a pumpkin. To make these bright orbs, cut a lid and remove the seeds and the pulp. Using a nail, make holes just large enough for the flower stems to fit through and insert the flowers.  Now you know they're not going to last too long, but they sure will make a statement

Another option is to get a great container, one you might have sitting around, add an oasis ball soaked in water and gradually cover it with fresh mums.  Set it in the container and mist it periodically.  This should last you through the holiday weekend.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Colours of Fall


                                  Colours of Fall

I am always amazed at the beauty of nature as Fall takes over the trees.  As I went out for my morning jog I couldn't help but wander in amazement at the beauty around me.  The more I thought about it the more intrigued in my own thoughts I became with how we express our love of fall colors within our lives regardless of the seasons.

 One of the trends forecast for the fall 2012 in showtime magazine features the colors we all  have come to recognize as earth tones.  These are the colors we are now surrounded by in nature.   Colors such as espresso tinged with red-orange, toasty browns and neutral creams.  The look is organic.


The living space below shows a beautiful balance using different shades of persimmon.  The lighter color on the ceiling is punctuated by the bolder color.   The stronger shade  is carried  throughout the room as seen on the drapes and table creating a sense of balance.  That same color is seen sprinkled throughout bringing all of the elements in the room together.

Veranda Magazin

 The sitting room below also incorporates the earth tones but in pastel colors.  Balance in the use of color is seen as the peach color is picked up from the table skirt and used throughout the room.

Veranda Magazine

 Toasty browns used as accents, soft pumpkin and neutral creams all work beautifully to present a dining room that speaks of  warm earth tones and reminiscent of the colors we see this time of year.

Veranda Magazine

 From Emerson et Cie, this beautiful room is a perfect example of nature in its glory during fall.   The olive greens, chestnut browns tinged with a bit of espresso and orange-reds highlighted by a touch of gold is exactly what we see outside.

Emerson et Cie as seen in Veranda Magazine

It's amazing how nature plays such an important roll in interiors.  If these are the colors  you like to surround yourself with and can't seem to quite pull it together, I am happy to help you