Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Best of 2015: NYE Cocktails

Our blog post today is a little off the interior design topic but definitely on theme with our Best of 2015.  It seems like every new bar and restaurant is hopping on the hotly popular Moscow Mule!  I just love the presentation in copper mugs!  I wanted to share the Recipe for the Mowtown Mule via Bespoke Post with a fresh twist on the classic Mule.

I’m excited to make a batch this New Year’s Eve!  What festive cocktails will you be serving at your party?  We are always looking for new inspiration and fresh ideas.

Have a great day,

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Best of 2015: Wallpaper Still On Trend

I am so glad the popularity of wallpaper is not waning because the lush textures and patterns will make you glad you tried it!  You can add a bold pattern to a small powder room proving that no space is too small for a total look!  Grasscloth is material I love that has incredible texture and even a splash of metallic if you're feeling wild to warm your space.  So let’s salute some of our favorite wallpaper trends!

Metallic Grasscloth

Bold Contemporary Geometrics

Colorful Chinoiseries

Fabulous Florals

The final photo is my own powder room and I still adore the wallpaper carries over the ceiling for an extra splash of excitement.  We have more gorgeous interior spaces in tons of different styles and hues on our Best of 2015 Pinterest Board!  As we are just days away from Christmas, I hope all of your preparations are coming together and you have a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones!

Have a great day,

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Best of 2015: Kitchen Trends

I can’t help but swoon every time I see a beautifully designed kitchen or have the pleasure of working on a transformation with a client!  Kitchens serve so many roles as it becomes the gathering place for both family and guests, a homework destination, or when cooking a fresh daring recipe for your family.  Here’s a highlight of a few of our selections we saw dominating kitchen styles and renovations this year!

Natural Stone Backsplashes
Using natural stone materials like granite, marble, and slate create a seamless transition from your countertop and come in a variety of colors and sheens with tons of movement.

Stainless Steel
Perfect for traditional and contemporary kitchens alike, stainless finishes are dramatic and create a large sense of space with its high reflectivity.  And I love how easy it is to clean and keep up.

Color Accents
I have loved seeing all the deep warm tones of yellow, blues, and daring reds in kitchen color palettes this year.  Again, we are seeing the influence of brown undertones!

Transitional Style
This style is defined by a classic-contemporary look and this year, the style has been dominated by both dramatic color palettes and stunning and crisp white kitchens with a splash of Carrera marble.

See more of our favorite kitchens from the past year on our Best of 2015  Pinterest board.  And show us your colors with the hashtag #rdilovescolor!

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Best of 2015: Decor Trends We Loved

I have to say, writing The Best of 2015 blogs has been so much fun!  It’s so interesting to look back over the year and see what really caught on, what stayed on top, and what fell off with trends!  Check out our look back over my observations on this years hottest looks.

Warm Tones
We have certainly highlighted throughout the year the popularity of warmer color palettes with brown undertones this year that defined popular flooring, wall finishes, furniture selections, and soft goods.  Even hardware turned warmer with trends favoring copper and antique bronze finishes.

Mixed Metallics
Fun, bold, and radiant, curated mixed metallics of gold, brushed nickel, antique bronze, copper, and rose gold were a vibrant addition to 2015’s trends.  This combination creates instant interest and oozes glamour.

It certainly was a big year for hair-on-hide rugs in their natural neutral tones or treated to add vibrant color with hints of metallic.

Agate & Geodes With Sparkle

Dominating small decor items like coasters and objets to large focal pieces like lighting fixtures and table tops, I so enjoyed the vibrant colors and sheens of agate and geodes.

Lovely Lacquered Finishes
High sheen was definitely “in” in 2015!  From sleek, contemporary cabinetry finishes to ultra chic case pieces this has to be one of my favorite trends, especially in bold accent hues.

Did you incorporate any of these trends to refresh your home or go all the way with a renovation?  Weigh in with your thoughts on our message board!

Have a great day,

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Best of 2015: Lighting Trends

2015 was an exciting and diverse year for lighting trends.  Layering some of these trends can help you create that complete, polished look.  Effective lighting is all about finding the balance between form and function.  If one aspect isn’t quite right, it really will spread to your overlook.

LED Is Here To Stay
It’s easy to get behind LED technology with its ultra efficient energy consumption and lighting experts are forecasting it will dominate the consumer market for years to come.  LED is diverse and functional as an excellent source of ambient, decorative, and task lighting.  It has become extremely popular in kitchens highlighting cabinetry and display items, in bathrooms, and even to safely and effectively light your home’s walkways and exterior.

Copper Finish Fixtures
The October blog theme was in harmony with interiors trending to warm, cozy palettes, furniture, and fixtures in 2015.  Warm copper light fixtures saw their popularity in every room in the house and I love the polished sophistication this finish adds to a space!

Multi-Light Pendants
Multiple suspended pendants maintained their popularity throughout 2015.  They accommodate every style and allow you to create instant drama with varied denominations and suspension lengths.

Natural Finishes Rustic natural materials saw a lot of love this year in the world of light fixtures, especially when combined with glamorous elements like crystal.  And again, their versatility has made them popular, as their is a great for every style from traditional, transitional, to contemporary.

Are there any other lighting trends you noticed this year?  Any particular trend you are keen to see more of 2016?  We want to hear from you!  For more of the Best of 2015, don’t miss out on our dedicated Pinterest board!

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Best Of 2015: Color Trends

This year was a fantastic year to incorporate some exciting new color trends and a continued desire for some neutral favorites but all share a classic and even nostalgic theme!  Here are my picks for some of the top colors of 2015!

Bold Blues
This year was an excellent year for fans of this reliable and serene hue!  I enjoyed the popularity of bold and clear Greek blues, rich cerulean, and contemporary high gloss shades of blue.

Warm Tones
Think natural wood finishes and hues with brown undertones, it’s been a great year for cozy rust and olives, putting a more 60s and 70s spin on orange and green.

Pastel Palettes
Pastels definitely gained in popularity and we love the soft and cheery spaces it enhances.  I’ve really enjoyed accenting pastels with bold hues like neons to create interest and contrast.

Gray Reign
Continuing it’s dominance as the hot neutral, both warm and cool grays remained hot in 2015!  And it’s easy to see why with the versatility of this hue almost any color or even simply layering different tones and shades of itself to make an achromatic masterpiece!  I’m definitely ready to say good bye to gray in 2016!

Do you have a favorite color trend of 2015?  Anything you’re ready to say good bye to? I’m such a huge fan of color!  I would really love to collect your favorite hues and inspiration!  Be sure to tag it #rdilovescolor for your go to color treasure trove.

Have a great day,

Friday, November 27, 2015

My Favorite Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipe:Your Holiday Guide Book

This Thanksgiving I am getting motivated to make the most of the inevitable Thanksgiving meal leftovers.  I have been searching for recipes to work with some of my favorite traditional dishes.  I’m so excited to try this recipe Turkey Bolognese recipe I found from Giada de Laurentis and I just had to share!

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving leftovers recipe to share!  I’m eager to put a new spin on those leftovers!  I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving and have a day filled with laughter and turkey!

Have a great day,

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Your Holiday Guide Book: Tips For Pulling It Off

One of the most challenging parts of interior design is efficient and effective space planning but I always love a good project because it’s a great way to incorporate some creative problem solving that leads to the satisfaction of an exciting and functional finished project.  Larger holiday gatherings even in extremely spacious homes can see bottlenecking or can prove to be a tight squeeze.  Creating traffic zones, flow, and ample seating to accommodate larger gatherings will create a festive and comfortable atmosphere for your guests.  As much as we all love to end up in the kitchen, it certainly is the time of year to use your formal living room!

Adding seating to your existing space and even slightly rearranging your current lay out can be a great to accommodate larger gatherings.  This allows you the choice of creating larger, open seating arrangements with plenty of cushions and pillows to incorporate everyone in one room or smaller, more intimate conversation zones spread throughout your living spaces to allow varied areas for all age groups!  When creating those smaller, intimate, and more numerous seating areas your nesting tables can really come in handy to accommodate your guests’ glasses.  Trays in bright hues that complement your palette are another great solution.  And it’s also a great location for a festive snack bowl of homemade holiday candy and other festive decor.

Creating lounge seating arrangements and pre-planning your dining seating arrangements will definitely save you time and streamline your hosting duties!  And that’s something everyone can get on board with!
For those of you tired of decorating for the holidays the same way each year, consider a Holiday consultation package where I will come to your house tweak, polish and give new life to your existing holiday decor designer style. Spaces are filling quickly, schedule yours today. rosa@rosadestinteriors.com

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Exterior Holiday Decorations We Can All Agree On

There is always a fine line when decorating your house with exterior lighting for the holidays.  We’ve all stopped to snap photos of the yard filled with vignettes of illuminated bobbing reindeer and Santa Claus in a helicopter!  But luckily there are tasteful and sophisticated options for those of you excited to bring the festive spirit to the neighborhood.  Lighting and natural accents like garlands, ribbon, and wreathes with colors and metallic accents that complement your homes exterior will create an effortlessly beautiful and cheerful look.  Here are a few of our favorite inspiration photos in a few great styles!

Would you consider exterior holiday decorations like these to share the holiday cheer?  I hope you were inspired to create your own holiday style and what better time than now!

For those of you tired of decorating for the holidays the same way each year, consider a Holiday consultation package where I will come to your house tweak, polish and give new life to your existing holiday decor designer style. Spaces are filling quickly, schedule yours today. rosa@rosadestinteriors.com

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

November Newsletter: You Holiday Guide Book

 I’m dedicating the month of November to get you prepared for memorable holiday season in style.  With a little consideration now, you’ll be able to create a  magazine worthy polished look with your holiday decor.  Not only will it save you last minute decorating stress but it will also save you time to spend the holidays the way they are meant to be spent: with family and friends!

Elegant Neutrals

Fun Hues

Rustic Sophistication

     Here are some envious holiday themed interiors to inspire you and get you motivated to create your plan of action!  In each of our blog posts this month we will be creating Your Holiday Guide Book with ideas and tips so you can pull it off!  And be sure to check out our Pinterest board with even more inspiring holiday interiors.
For those of you tired of decorating for the holidays the same way each year, consider a Holiday consultation package where I will come to your house tweak, polish and give new life to your holiday decor designer style. Let me know what you think rosa@rosadestinteriors.com

Have a colorful day,

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Festive and Fabulous: Table Settings

Once you have selected your holiday style, you can move on with a clear vision for the iconic festive holiday table surrounded with family and friends.  With a bit of planning you can transform items you probably already have into a polished and festive accents.  Here are a quick few tips to start piecing together the elements to create your look!   

-Start your look with a table covering just for the occasion.  Whether you go for an elegant solid or a fresh, fun color approach to the holidays, start here and build you palette around it!  It’s also great to take into account the aesthetic of dining room to harmonize your holiday decor!  

-Punch up color and pattern with your napkins!  These pieces serve as a great way to bring in bright accent colors to complement your table covering.  

-For a simple way to spice up water glasses and other soft drinks use large wine glasses!  It’s a great informal way to set the table and add flair for your guests.  

-And a table always feels more complete to me with fresh flowers.  As much as we all love a full, stunning bouquet, make sure it’s functional!  No one wants to strain over a bushy plant so watch your proportions!  

As you start to plan your holiday table settings, be sure to check out our Holiday Guide Book Pinterest board to see more fresh ideas and get in the holiday spirit.  Planning ahead will help you focus on the most important part of the holidays: making wonderful memories with your loved ones and your four-legged friends too naturally!
Do you need a little help getting your house ready for the holidays. Email us to enquire about our special holiday package. We will help you polish and tweak your decorations to achieve that finished designer look.

Have a great day!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Festive and Fabulous: Selecting Your Holiday Interior Decor

As I kick off our holiday guide book to get you geared up for the holiday season, I wanted to begin with defining your holiday style to create a harmonious look to spread throughout your house.  Of course, it’s fun to find variations but pinpointing a theme whether it’s a palette of soft ivories and blushes with metallic accents or a rustic feel with rich colors will help you create a curated look.  This month we also want to give quick tips that I have come across and had to share these!

-A clean and sophisticated holiday ambiance can effortlessly come together with a natural look combining neutral colors and golden lighting.  There will be something magical in the air with this look!

-In my ‘Pinspiration’ sessions I’ve noticed a fun and fresh trend of mixing pink, green, and yellow together.  The palette adds a flair of excitement and is an exciting twist on a holiday palette!

-Gather your glass vases, pitchers, and hurricane glasses in varying sizes and fill them with festive ornaments in your color palette for a great centerpiece.  For a large table we love creating unique clusters to feature along your center!

-Bring a simple, fresh, and natural feel with garlands to decorate your fireplace or adorn your table!  To really go for the gusto, adding warm white lights to your decorative garlands creates a stunning, thoughtful addition.

-Take the opportunity to spice up your chairs!  Having established a palette that complements your existing dining space, adding a decorative ribbon in your color scheme can create an additional interest.  It’s all in the details!

Have a great day,