Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Range Hoods: The Focal Point We All Love

We absolutely love the sophisticated and polished look a thoughtful range hood can bring to a space.  We are always fans of perfectly married function and aesthetics!  There is a style to suit everyone’s taste with carefully curated finishes, textures, and mouldings to choose from.  Clean lines in stainless or high-gloss sheens can spice up your contemporary kitchen and thoughtful details can bring just the harmonious touch to your traditional space.  Defining a few key parameters can help select the best fit to enhance a kitchen.

Considering the space you have is essential to picking just the right proportion of your space.  While we love a grand cover to draw your eyes directly to a hood, there is always a fine line when considering the size to not overwhelm your space.

Hammering down a style to fit your kitchen is crucial to pulling off the look.  For traditional, think ornate and luxurious and for a more contemporary look think clean, flat lines in glossy hues.

From stainless steel, a high sheen lacquer to exquisite wood mouldings to complement your cabinetry, you have options!  This selection is much clearer once you hammer down your size and style.

The final two kitchens feature some of my own favorite kitchen remodel projects where the custom designed range hood really brought the space together!  Check out more of our favorite kitchen range hoods on our Pinterest board here!

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Ultimate Kitchen Guide: Appliances To Simplify Your Life

       When considering a kitchen remodel or appliance refresh, it is important to consider exactly what options you have in the world of appliances.  Rather than making this choice an afterthought that doesn’t fit your budget, we recommend considering appliances as an integral part of your kitchen.  And considering all the new options out there today, you’d be kicking yourself if you didn’t!  I hope this collection of some top new appliances will help kick off your search and get you thinking about what new appliances would simplify and enhance your lifestyle.

Induction Cooktop
Induction is the hottest new way to equip your range.  Induction technology heats up phenomenally fast with precision and is extremely efficient.  A great way to save time on your cooking creations for busy nights!

Convection Steam Oven
I am a huge fan of convection steam ovens because they allow you to prepare a healthy, delicious meal for your family in a snap.  You can cut out oils and additional fats in favor of steaming your food, a method that locks in flavor and moisture delivering an expertly cooked dish every time.  The warming function is also fantastic doesn’t dry out your meal.  Did I mention they’re also great for proofing your homemade breads!
Warming Drawer
My favorite appliance for entertaining!  You don’t have to be chained to the stove while entertaining.  You can prepare your meal in advance and simply warm when you’re ready so you can focus on enjoying your company!

Wine Refrigerator 
A must have for the wine aficionado.  Wine refrigerators allow optimum conditions for storing and maintaining your favorite blends.  The varied capacities there is the right size for the new collector or already an those already on their way to an impressive cellar.

Beverage Centers
Another great way to store your family’s favorite beverages are dedicated beverage refrigerators.  Save yourself the trip to the garage and make extra space in your refrigerator with  these convenient undercounter appliances.

Built-In Coffee Maker
Espresso lovers everywhere rejoice!  Built-in coffee makers offer you high quality brewing to deliver smooth roasted blends of your favorite java.  Aside from the fantastic amenity of a perfectly brewed cup every time, we love built-in coffee makers because they remove the clutter from your countertops and can allow your fixtures, lighting, and materials to be the real focus in your kitchen.

Which appliance would most simplify your life?  I hope this was a great jumping off point to get you thinking about all the way you can simplify your own life! If your ready to start planning your new kitchen we are here to help. Feel free to email me rosa@rosadestinteriors.com and I am happy to get you started on the right track.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Ultimate Kitchen Guide: Kitchen Lighting Trends

Whether your looking to bring warmth, highlight a focal point, or to provide task lighting in your kitchen, lighting provides the backbone for your space.  No look is really complete without expert lighting, so never make it an afterthought!  Function and aesthetics need to be equally important when selecting your lighting fixtures to ensure usefulness and to create a stunning look.  We have seen some distinct trends this year and here are our top picks.

Oversized Fixtures
Make a statement with your lighting!  Oversized fixtures can create a instantaneous focal point especially when selected in a purposeful size in interesting materials.  Natural and neutral finishes can soften a larger fixture or be bold with a colorful oversized fixture.

Rubbed Bronze Pendants
Rubbed bronze light fixtures add instant drama and sophistication to your kitchen.  We especially love the stunning contrast they provide in white kitchens.

Display Lighting
Take advantage of your beautiful open shelves or glass door cabinetry and draw attention to your favorite heirlooms or carefully selected pieces with LED strip lighting to show off your china.  We love the functionality of LED strip lighting as task lighting and their ability to be applied in discreet places to provide a seamless look.

Natural Materials 

We absolutely loved seeing the rise in popularity of natural materials mixed with more luxurious materials!  Think rope or burlap adorned suspension tubing with crystal pendant glass.  It gives a fantastic rustic chic look without screaming cabin-look.

Have any of these fixture trends piqued your interest? While selecting the right fixture can be a bit tricky, the results are well worth the effort.  And whether you’re undertaking a full kitchen renovation or simply looking for ways to make your existing kitchen more polished and stunning, lighting is just the key!  Check out more kitchen lighting on our Ultimate Kitchen Guide Pinterest board!

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Ultimate Kitchen Guide: White Kitchens We Love In Every Style

Today’s post is our salute to the timeless classic and everyone’s all time favorite: White Kitchens.   There is definitely talk around that the popularity of white kitchens are waning but there is a reason we all love them.  They are clean, visually stunning, and timeless.  There is so much variety in all the different finishes and textures you can incorporate, which really makes this look pop like Carrera marble with lots of movement or stunning brass fixtures. Here are some of our favorites in every style!

Have you noticed how an UGLY Kitchen = a GRUMPY Cook. Don't be grumpy, make a change!

I am happy to help you plan the kitchen of
your dreams. rosa@rosadestinteriors.com
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Ultimate Kitchen Guide: Awesome Home Stylish and Functional Bars

In keeping with our month of the Ultimate Kitchen Guide: today we are happy to welcome guest blogger Danielle Hegedos addressing Awesome Home Bars that are Stylish and Functional

Sure, it's fun to hit up your favorite bar, especially with the rise of so many talented mixologists making speciality cocktails that knock you socks off.  Sometimes you like to keep it simple though-a glass of wine, home-brewed beer, a great old-fashioned. Enjoy a low-key, affordable evening that doesn't involve hanging out on the couch in your pajamas. MODERNIZE is here to help you create your very own home bar that makes your homemade cocktail feel like a special treat and encourages friends to gather at your home. You'll save money and won't have to worry about a ride home, and you get tone the DJ!

Add Some Nostalgia to Your Next Party
Have you noticed that 70's motif is starting to look like the future in "The Jestsons?" Either way, this is the ultimate party pad.  A kitchen island provides a great surface for making drinks and putting out platters of food.  A nearby oven keeps snacks warm, and a sink and dishwasher will keep everyone's glasses fresh. A range of seating means that your quests will be able to spread out to enjoy games, great conversation, and maybe even some dancing. This could be your own personal speakeasy.

Make Drinking Into an Art!
If you are limited on space, but looking for high style and multi-functionality, think about this built-in bar that is also a stunning wall sculpture. Beautiful woodwork conceals the bar until you need it.  This stealth bar may just make you feel like James Bond.

Host the Best Ladies'Night in Town
This bar pulls off a subtle feminine feel that won't leave you stuck with pink drinks all night. The built-in lighting in the bar combined with candles and lamps creates a warm, sexy feel, even during the day. The gold finishes on the window, stools, lamps and counters pull this corner unit together, making it feel like its own room. Simple shelves in the back provide easy access to inventory and a place to display cherished finds.

You Don't need a Wine Cellar to Be a Wine Enthusiast

This converted pantry provides ample room for storing your wine collection and great visibility to make finding the perfect bottle to complement your meal or celebrate a special occasion simple. A small programmable wine cooler keeps white wine and champagne ready for guests. Horizontal shelves make the most of the room's storage potential and allow you to display beautiful glassware.

Revamp Your Grandparent's Bar Cart
If you are short on room for a bar, utilize a bar cart. Upgrade the old fashioned silver cart that looks like it could just as easily carry cafeteria trays by thinking outside of the box-or in this case, inside the box! Search antique  stores and flea markets to repurpose a great chest of drawers or even a television (pictured) to create a functional bar that will have your guests enamored.

I hope you enjoyed Danielle's guest blogging as much as I did.
Thanks again for reading and if you'd like ideas in creating a home bar, you know who to reach out to: Rosa Dest Interiors
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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Ultimate Kitchen Guide: Two-Tone Cabinetry Combos We Love

Varying the hue of your upper and lower cabinetry can add just the visual interest and contrast to really make your kitchen pop.  Employing this style can break up the monotony but must be done with care to get the lighter and darker shades just right.  When executed correctly, two-tone cabinetry is a look we love.  Here are some of our favorites!

We hope you enjoyed this peek at cabinetry colors we love.  Are you feeling inspired to change your own but want to make the right decision? Email me at rosa@rosadestinteriors.com  for a consultation. For more inspiration, check out the Ultimate Kitchen Guide Pinterest board!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Ultimate Kitchen Guide: Cabinetry Versus Shelves

One of the hottest trends in the past year in kitchen cabinetry has been the use of chic shelving instead of upper cabinetry.  It’s a trend we love because all of your glasses, stemware, china, crockery, etc.  become pieces of art on display.  This is a choice that may not be suited for all, especially those of us who have trouble staying organized, but can provide a warm, lived in look.  Here are some of our favorite photos of upper shelving!

Is this a trend you can get on board?  We want to hear from you!

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