Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Tribute - "Thank You"

Memorial Day Tribute
"Thank you for your service"

In honor and in memory of our soldiers.

Happy Memorial Day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Graduation Party Time!

There are so many ideas out there for parties and graduations so we weeded through them and provided some of our own to help you create a memorable event for your special grad.  Figuring out your theme and following through is a great way to bring harmony and a polished look.  But we wanted to give a few easy tips to take it to the next level and make the event stellar.  

Kick Your Plasticware Up A Notch
Having plasticware at a larger party really can save your clean up efforts.  Consider wrapping individual plastic wear packages in napkins and use decorative string in your graduate’s school colors for a festive and functional addition.

Make a Photo Booth!
Create a backdrop and even provide props for your guests so you can remember all the fun you had celebrating together!  We saw a really cute trend for making signs with High School Superlatives for your guests to pose with, which will be sure to create some fun and silly moments.

Don’t Forget A Guestbook
With so many bases to cover with food, decorations, and activities, be sure to remember a guestbook!  It’s a great take away for your grad.  From words of congratulations to “life advice,” you can make it a fun activity for your guests that your grad will hang on to and read over for years to come.

Make Sharing Photos From The Party A Snap: #hashtag It!
With so many pictures being taken by so many guests, you’ll of course want to have them all!  Instead of tracking down each person, create a hashtag so you’ll have them all at your fingertips!

We would love to see photos of your event!  Feel free to share them on our message board because we love a good party!

Have a great day,

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Memorial Day Retreats: Fun South Carolina Beach House

This gorgeous beach house is from one of my favorite places in the world—Kiawah, South Carolina.  And this one will definitely get you itching to go out of town!  It has a beautiful combination of modern pieces accented with antiques that give that fun beach vibe with a sophisticated twist.  I’m in love with the driftwood used as the counter top in the kitchen.  

I hope some of this eye candy made your Thursday brighter and helped you kill a few minutes to get you closer to the long holiday weekend.  

Have a great day,

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Party Prep

It is that time of year when all the scheduling of celebrations, graduations, and weddings is already jam packed for us all! With so many holidays and parties in the making, take hosting to the next level! This month, we are dedicating ourselves to tips and tricks that will make your party the most memorable on the block. From setting a beautiful table for a birthday party or customizing your graduate's celebrations, we have ideas to bring a beautiful look to your home. With a firm vision and quick refresh, you will truly make the event sing!

Event planner and wedding coordinator, Morgan Martyn gave us some easy, stunning ways to make your table top pop!

Season Florals

Add seasonal flowers to bring fresh color and texture to your table. Soft tones like white, pink, and blue create a sophisticated and polished look. Consider fuller looking flowers like hydrangeas and peonies where one flower truly goes a long way, saving you from large costly bouquets.

Don't Forget Your Greenery

Once you've selected your featured florals and colors add a few stems of greenery to bring more fullness and to create a total look.

Have Fun With Your Vase!

Mason jars, tea pots, pitches, lanterns, and cloches can bring an unexpected, elegant touch to your table setting. Harmonize your vase with your other table selections.

It's The Little Touches

The details are truly what make your setting special. To take your table arrangement to the next level, place a single flower on top of your folded napkin and wrap both in a ribbon instead of a napkin ring. Every guest now has their own pop of spring at their seat!

Have a great day,

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Outdoor Living Spaces

As we say hello to the coming summer, we are posting some of our favorite luxury outdoor dining and lounge spaces.  Exterior spaces are an excellent way to take entertaining to the next level, as well as extend the usable areas of your home.  Perfect for a summertime al fresco meal with friends or an additional way to bring the family together for dinner.  With styles to suit your lifestyle, outdoor living spaces can enhance your daily activities.  Here are some of our faves!

If you had to focus on creating either an outdoor dining area or lounge space, which would you chose?

Have a great day,

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Keeping up with your Curb Appeal!

As you are preparing your garden for the summer it is important not to overlook the garage. It plays a large role in the curb appeal of your home. One simple way to enhance this and simultaneously increase your home value is to kiss good bye to your old, drab garage door and create something that will add to the stunning silhouette of your home. Your garage renovation will of course be part of your larger structure so considering the architectural style of your home is key to enhancing it.  And we aren’t simply talking about trading out that garage door but expanding, enhancing, and polishing your home’s exterior look.  This can be achieved through adding a beautiful pergola, stunning color, or chic hardware.  And there is certainly a look for every style of home, complementing traditional, transitional, and contemporary.  Check out some of our favorite finds!




  For even more inspiration for your home’s exterior check out our Curb Appeal Pinterest board for fresh ideas to re-envision your home.  And we want to hear your story!  Recently renovated your own garage?  Share your before and after photos on our message board!

Have a great day,

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Spruce up your garden just in time for summer!

A quick walk outside and you'll know that summer is getting closer by the day!  The sun is strong enough to warm your face and the breeze is no longer chilly. Cherry trees, forsythia, and daffodils are just a few plants I have seen bursting to life that make Charlotte so beautiful this time of year.  Spending so much time outdoors with the nicer weather inspired this month’s theme: garden and landscaping design!  Having a beautiful, relaxing outdoor space can be low-maintenance and delight you and your family everyday and really stun your guests.  Your front and back yards are truly an extension of your home, so give them the attention they deserve!  Here are a few tips we put together to begin envisioning your own garden design.

Keep It Low Maintenance

Tired of mowing the lawn?  Can’t commit to gardening on top of your busy lifestyle?  Creating a garden cuts down on the space you actually have to mow and using native plants that require less attention can give you that polished look without the hassle.
Simplify Your Color Scheme

Sometimes less truly is more.  Flowers in all hues of the rainbow can create a busy look, so consider creating a color palette and repeating it.  Also, just like in your home think about how colors look together.  A pastel palette of flowers next to scarlet poppies or bright yellow zinnias is overwhelming for the eye, so make your palette and stick to it. 

Don’t Make Lighting An Afterthought

Aside from properly illuminating your home’s pathways, decks, porches, and especially deterring intruders, lighting your garden with soft lighting can add to its visual beauty that brings an exciting flair after dark.  Your garden and yard are an extension of your home, so use lighting to accentuate architectural features like fencing, trees, fountains, or statuary for a sophisticated and thoughtful addition.  Imagine how much longer you would stay outside—and the alfresco entertaining!

Bring The Outdoors Inside 

Nothing livens up your home and brings a beautiful and effortless look than simply decorating your interior with plants.  Consider a windowsill or kitchen addition of geraniums.  Geraniums can add a splash of scent ranging from lemon, lime, rose, cinnamon, and even chocolate.  It will definitely kick up your family’s appetite and will create a natural scented environment.   


Have a great day,