Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Style Spotting at ICFF, NY

Style Spotting at ICFF, New York Spring 2013

What's HOT at ICFF

ICFF is the premier showcase in North America for contemporary design featuring the latest trends.
While I was in NY for Blogfest2013 I had a chance to visit.  The exhibits are from all over the globe and show contemporary flooring, carpeting, wall coverings, lighting, accessories, textiles, outdoor furniture,  kitchen and bath fixtures for both residential and commercial interiors.
It's so exciting to see first hand the innovative and original products coming to our markets. 

There was so much to see and experience so  I can only share a few of my favorites for now

Molo, a company out of Vancouver, BC was one of the most interesting ones I've seen

Seating, Lighting and partitions to name  a few, created from paper honeycomb structures that fan and open creating stools, benches and lighting.  It is made from 100% recyclable content and flame retardant.  One of my favorite features of these pieces is that they all fold into a small accordion piece and therefore require minimal storage.

Sublime, a line of furniture blending art, color and polished acrylic.  Simply beautiful!

The coffee table below is an example of how acrylic is used to create a one of a kind coffee table.

Moxie, a Showerhead + Wireless Speaker.  These wonderful little cone shaped nozzles are actually magnetic , waterproof speakers that fit into a showerhead.  COOL right! 
Currently,  they are available in white but will be available in colors at the end of June.
Not only can you shower with them, but because they're magnetic, you can take them with you, pair them with your Bluetooth and enjoy your music.

I loved going to ICFF to see what's coming and what's available.  It's always exciting to see the innovation and creativity that's available.

Let me know what you think of these products.