Thursday, January 10, 2013

How will Pantone's color of the year affect me?

Image courtesy of Pantone
I always get excited when Pantone announces their color of the year and this year's color is a favorite of many,  Emerald Green.  Green, a majical color that speaks to balance and harmony.

Pantone is considered to be the design authority on color.  Pantone searches throughout the world for clues that give them insight into what colors are gaining traction.  They look at the world scene, most recently at the green movement and the preservation of the universe.  They also look to the trends in commercial furniture, residential interiors, textiles, lighting, and housewares to name a few.  All of these factors and more go into selecting the color of the year

While Tangerine Tango  filled us with much needed energy in 2012, Emerald green brings us insight.

The real important question for us is:  How will the color of the year affect me?

If it is a color you love and it fits in or complements your current pallet in your home, use it.  Add a pop of emerald green here and there, whether it's using an accessory or painting an accent wall.  We are going to be seeing emerald everywhere, and if you love and can't see it in your home  incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Because fashion is a major player in the color industry, we will see the color everywhere.

Photos courtesy of Etsy and Pinterest

 From the runways

 To our Homes

Skyla Freeman's 425 square foot studio apartment in Washington D. C. features the Pantone 2013 color of the year. The crisp white accents pop against the office walls. (Katherine Frey - THE WASHINGTON POST) caption

To the Beauty Industry

                                             And even to our kitchens

Le Creuset Fennel Green Mixed Pots and Pans

Can you see Emerald in your home?

If you would like to and don't know how to add that POP of color, I am happy to help!