Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thibaut's Zola Wallpaper Collection

Thibaut Wallpaper & Fabrics is a wonderful brand because they specialize in creating patterns and colors that coordinate and compliment each other.  One of their most recent wallpaper collections, the Zola Collection, was inspired by nature and the elements.  This collection uses both prints and florals that can be coordinated throughout a home or office.

All design are available in a range of colors, visit the Zola Collection website for more.
Fresh wallpaper can completely transform the look and feel of your home or office.  It is important to coordinate colors, prints, and textures with your existing design and personality!  If you need help selecting wallpaper, contact me at

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Exciting New Fabrics

I recently met with the representative for Cowtan & Tout, Manuel Canovas, Romo, and Villa Nova.  These four brands carry high quality fabrics, and I had the opportunity to view their most recent collections!

Cowtan & Tout's new collection is very impressive, particularly because of the double width sheers.  Instead of the standard 54 inches, they are 102 to 118 inches wide.  The width is great for wide windows, and also provides the option of railroading the fabric in spaces with high ceilings.  I snapped a few pictures of some of my favorites from the event:
Cowtan & Tout double-width sheers
"Empire Stripe" cut velvet
Vibrant faux bois patterns

 The Cowtan & Tout website also features some beautiful pictures from their Cowtan 2013 Collection:
Cowtan & Tout "Cowtan 2013" Collection

Manuel Canovas, a brand of Cowtan & Tout, recently debuted their 50th Anniversary Collection.  Manuel Canovas fabrics are known for their unique prints and vibrant colors.  Using vibrant fabric is a great way to incorporate color into your design.  Here are some beautiful prints from the new Manuel Canovas collection:
Manuel Canovas "Samira" in rose indien
Manuel Canovas "Parfum D'ete" in bleu canard
Manuel Canovas "Hisar" in parme

Villa Nova is featuring 7 new fabric collections.  My favorite is the Camberley Collection of washable jacquard weaves.  Because these fabrics are washable, they are a great option for households with children or pets:
The Camberley Collection features 3 prints, all available in a range of 22 colors.  Visit their website for more details.

I am very excited to use these new products with my clients!  Updating drapery and upholstery with new fabric is a quick and easy way to transform a space.  If you need help making fabric selections, contact me at  

The holiday season is just around the corner, so orders must be placed in the next few weeks to ensure that they are ready for holiday parties and family gatherings!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Make your house memorable

Are you thinking of moving or downsizing?

Don't wait until the last minute to consider making the changes your house needs to get the most out of your biggest investment. 
According to Pat Riley, COO of Allen Tate Realty,
               "Now more than ever your house has  to be memorable".

What exactly does that mean?
It means that when a potential buyer enters your house, your house has to speak to them.  They have to be able to envision themselves living in that house.

How do you make it memorable?

                                       Accentuate the Positive and Eliminate the Negative!
                                                                    Rosa Dest Interiors

Image from Apartment Therapy

                                                    Update kitchen  and Master Bath


Think about the best feature in your house and make sure that it looks fabulous.  Is it the kitchen, the master bath, the condition of the house, the floor plan that sings?

Today more than ever the kitchen and Master Bath need to be updated
The buyer is in the drivers seat and simply wants to move into a house that is ready. Most buyers do not want to have to put any work into updating a house.

So even if selling your home is a future consideration, start planning early and enjoy the changes until the time is right.
We at Rosa Dest Interiors can help you make the changes that will make your house memorable.

Friday, September 13, 2013

ThermaSol Residential Spas!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a presentation for ThermaSol Superior Steamshower Systems at Ferguson Bath & Kitchen Gallery here in Charlotte!  These innovative steam showers turn an ordinary bathroom into a luxury spa.  The ThermaSol spa engages all of the senses using chromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and aromatherapy to create a unique experience.  This steam technology has many benefits including detoxification, stress relief, skin rejuvenation, muscle relaxation, better sleep, respiratory health, and overall wellness.

Besides the health and wellness benefits, ThermaSol is an industry leader due to their lifetime warranty, and their patented Fast Start and Whisper Quiet technologies, among other things.

ThermaSol Steam Showers can be incorporated into any conventional shower, and the control panel can be matched to the existing finishes of your fixtures and shower head, regardless of the brand.

ThermaSol Steam Showers use bluetooth technology and can be controlled from your tablet or smartphone, which allows you to access your music library, power the system on or off, and adjust settings remotely using an app.

ThermaSol's "Solitude" App allows users to control the system from their tablet or smartphone.
Keep in mind that converting your master bathroom into a luxury spa will increase the resale value of your home!  The video below explains the value of a residential steam shower:

If you are planning a bathroom remodel and are interested in a ThermaSol Steam Shower, contact me at

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Through the Home: Foyers

The foyer of a home is the first room seen when entering, and the last when exiting.  As the room that holds the first and last impression for guests, it is important to give the design of your foyer proper attention.  A well designed foyer is not only ascetically pleasing, but also functional and welcoming.  The foyer pictured below is a great example of just that.
Mary Evelyn McKee
Why this foyer works:  The high ceilings and arched doorway provide a beautiful frame for the natural light streaming in.  Also, the hardware on the doors adds elegance, and the beautiful parquet wood floor creates depth.  While it is clear that this space is ascetically pleasing, it is also important to notice that it is very functional.  Placing chairs in the foyer creates a very welcoming atmosphere, while the mirror above the console allows homeowners or guests to check their appearance as they enter or exit the home.

Foyers are often neglected or overlooked, but with the right design, this tricky space can be transformed into a beautiful and functional part of your home!  If you need help designing your foyer, contact me at for a consultation!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Welcoming Farrow & Ball to Charlotte!

Yesterday I attended the launch for the new Farrow & Ball paint collection for 2013 at the Kravet, Lee Jova, Brunschwig & Fils showroom here in Charlotte!  Farrow & Ball is a paint and wallpaper manufacturer based in England, and for the first time ever these beautiful designs and colours will be available in Charlotte!  Here are some photos I took at the launch yesterday:
Samples of the 9 new Farrow & Ball paint colours for 2013
(Click here to view these new colours on the Farrow & Ball website)
An adorable display at the showroom yesterday!  One of the new paint colors, "Yellowcake No. 279" is even used on the dishes!

The Charlotte KravetLee JovaBrunschwig & Fils showroom will be carrying Farrow & Ball paint and wallpaper through trade only.  To incorporate some of these timeless and elegant color schemes into your home or office design, contact me at for a consultation!