Thursday, August 1, 2013

ASID Meeting at the New Gallery of Modern Art!

As a member of the American Society of Interior Designers, I enjoy attending the organization's quarterly meetings.  The most recent gathering earlier this month was an extra special treat because it was held at the New Gallery of Modern Art here in Charlotte.
Lisa Femrite, ASID Carolinas Design Community Chair

The speakers, Irina Toshkiva, director of the Gallery and Madison Ibarguen, gave a presentation showcasing the beautiful designs of the gallery.
Irina Toshkova, Gallery Director
Irina discussed how art affects life and lifts the spirit and soul.  She also discussed the influence art has over  design, explaining how it can add balance, texture, light, and movement to a space.  Art is an expression of our personalities.  When designing a space, using art is is a great way to ensure that the new space reflects the tastes and personality of the client.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the gallery:
Sandra Muss
Burgundy Dusk,  2011
Maja Godlewska
Small Layered Cloud,  2008
Maja Godlewska
Small Layered Cloud,  2008
Shepard Fairey
Harmony,  2012
Hunt Slonem
Amazons,  2012
Rick Lazes
Wood Sculpture
This wood sculpture, one of many made by Rick Lazes, is especially interesting because it was made out of one piece of wood.  These wood pieces by Lazes can also be duplicated in steel to be suitable for outdoor display.

Art will enhance every home and office and it is a reflection of your personality!  I am happy to help you select art that is the right piece for you. Contact me today at

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