Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why Interior Design Matters: Functionality!

Many people often ask the question:  Why does interior design matter?  While there are many reasons why interior design matters, one of the most important is functionality.  Our homes and offices are where we live our lives, so it is important that they are environments that facilitate living, and not impede it.

It is surprising how often functionality is overlooked, and often it requires a professional to recognize these mistakes and bring a room to its full potential.  Functionality is achieved first and foremost through tailoring the design to meet the clients' needs.  Whether the client is a gourmet chef needing lots of kitchen counter space, or an entrepreneur needing an organized and efficient home office, assessing the needs of the client is the most important step in creating a functional design.

In many homes, the kitchen is a room that sees a lot of action, so it is extremely important for the space to provide organization and accessibility.  Here are some examples of kitchen designs that are functional and well designed:
This large kitchen provides a great template for functionality.  The use of multiple islands add surfaces for food preparation, entertaining, and serving.  The bar-style counters and stools also provide seating for informal meals.
This island is a great addition to this kitchen due to its functionality.  It not only provides additional counter surface, but also lots of storage throughout the base to reduce clutter.
This kitchen proves that a kitchen does not have to be extremely large in order to be functional.  This design utilizes the height of the kitchen for storage by hanging pots, pan and kitchen utensils overhead and above the sink.  The cubby holes are also a stylish and functional way to organize cook books.

Along with the kitchen, the home office is also a space in the home requiring functionality.  In order to be functional, a home office should provide ample lighting, storage space, and organization.  Here are some examples of functional home office designs:
This home office is extremely functional.  The book shelves lining the walls give the office the sophisticated feel of a study, while also providing storage space.  The window gives the client a great view and fills the room with natural light.
This home office is a great example of how the right design can make one small room accessible and useful for two individuals.  Creating a surface in which the two work surfaces face opposite directions gives each individual their own space.  The shelves and cabinets provide plenty of storage and organization for multiple people.
This large home office provides natural light, storage space, and plenty of seating.  The bulletin boards can display photos, to-do lists, or even serve as a mood board.

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