Thursday, August 29, 2013

Coordinating Wallpaper and Fabric!

As most of you know, wallpaper and fabric are two very instrumental design tools.  The most subtle change to one or both of these elements can completely transform the feel of a room.  When it comes to choosing wallpaper and fabric, it really takes a trained eye to recognize the patterns and colors that layer nicely and come together.

Thibaut is one brand that creates beautiful wallpaper and fabrics that compliment each other.  I was especially inspired by their new Resort collection!  With this collection, Thibaut does an excellent job of showing how the same pattern can be used for both the wallpaper and fabric, and also how to use two differing but complimentary patterns.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Wallpaper & Fabric: South Sea in Turquoise
Pillow Fabric: Mara Embroidery in White and Turquoise

Wallpaper & Curtain Fabric: Sun Garden in Blue
Chair Fabric: Montserrat in Blue

Wallpaper: Nikko in Tangerine and Grey
Bench Fabric: Regina in Charcoal
Pillow Fabric: Shore Thing in Tangerine and Grey; South Sea in Grey

Wallpaper & Fabric: Tanzania in Turquoise

Wallpaper: Bungalow in Yellow (featured in this week's Wallpaper Wednesday on my Facebook page!)
Chair Fabric: Twisted Chain in Yellow and Gray
Pillow Fabric: South Sea in Yellow

Wallpaper & Fabric: Downing Gate in Green
(Click here to see the full Thibaut Resort collection)

This collection shows that being adventurous with patterns and colors can have beautiful results.  Do you need help coordinating wallpaper and fabrics?  If so, contact me at for a consultation!

I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend!

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  1. Hi Rosa, i have fallen in love with the downing gate wallpaper from thibaut but can't find any cheap enough. any suggestion?