Thursday, June 28, 2018

Creating A Space For Him

A Tribute To Dad


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For the month of June,
we are celebrating all the special men that bring joy to our lives.
Considering another project?
What about the ultimate space for Dad!
Maybe it's designing that man cave he has always wanted or re-decorating his office space or garage. It may need nothing more than a quick organizational fix,
or something more; a complete overhaul.

Rosa Dest Interiors

Creating The Ultimate Space For Dad

I know what you’re thinking.

A Man Cave?

I bet you’re picturing a dark room with worn leather sofas and a La-Z-Boy recliner. 
Not one cave is alike.
Just like any room in your home, you can add masculinity without going overboard.

Photo by Jolene Hardy on Unsplash

Creating The Ultimate Space For The Family

This room doesn’t have to be dedicated solely to the men of the home.
It could be finishing the basement and designating that area for football games,
a round of pool, or poker night.
Choosing a space that allows for noise, but also provides comfort within its retreat.

Have something in mind?
Let us help you maximize your budget.
Contact me today to find out!
Colorfully yours,

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Curated Kravet's Fabric Collection

We were invited by one of our local showrooms to attend the sneak peek showing of
Curated Kravet’s fabric collection,
and by none other than Scott Kravet himself!

Scott explained that the goal within this collection is to 
revamp the patterns that are being pulled from the archives.

I’ll say challenge not only excepted, but completed!

We decided to showcase some of our absolute favorites with you. 
The way Kravet combines their patterns, textures, and colors is beyond impressive; it’s inspirational!




Tell me how much you’ve fallen in love them!
Drapes, accent pillows, and even upholstery can be pulled from these fantastic fabrics.

There’s a little something for everyone.

With Father’s Day having come and gone, 
is there maybe a Man Cave, or office that could use it's own rehab?
Dive into these masculine fabrics, 
providing both a classic and timeless WOW factor 
whenever the room is entered.

Let me know what you think of their new collection.
Colorfully yours

Thursday, May 24, 2018
 Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You.

As Jill Waage, editor-in-chief of Traditional Home says, "Saying yes to a color scheme, furniture frame, tile pattern, and investment pieces often mean taking a deep breath - or holding it. That comes with the territory when you have a vision for the way you want your home to look. Vision Requires Bravery."

Rosa Dest Interiors
“Show me nothing that looks like gravy.” - Dorothy Draper, 

One Kings Lane

As you make subtle changes to your home, keep your color choice in mid. Color is thought-provoking; sparking new ideas, altering the mood or state of mind, and magnifying (or sometimes intensifying) and object. Color choice says a lot about those that live in the home.

Rosa Dest Interiors

Three Questions to Consider before jumping into Color:
1. What type of atmosphere do you wish to surround yourself in?
2. How do the colors you like make you feel?
3. More importantly, if I add a pop of color to one room, how will it flow into another room?

As your color specialist, I can help you make the right selections to bring color into your home. I can help you make the rooms in your home flow from one to the other, achieving that finished look you're yearning to have.

Contact me today to find out!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

High Point Market 2018

Guess what I did last month …

Last month, I submerged myself into the High Point Market Trade Show, and fell in love with some of the showrooms and pieces on display. I’ve attended Market for the last 17 years, and the inspiration never ceases to amaze me. From the furnishings, to the home accents, to the wall coverings; Market is the epitome of what’s trending in interior design.

Why go to Market?

High Point Market is a great way to search for new vendors, both near and far, which give designers more than one excellent source for their clients. We’re picking the best of the best, meaning, those offering both the best price and the best quality.
I also go to Market to see what new items and designs are on their way in.
I go to be inspired.

My excitement could not be contained when I saw the different pops of color ...

… and those neutral tones, for those looking to keep it a little more simple.

As I always say, they’re bold, they’re collected, and they’re absolutely colorful.

A couple of the Showrooms I love!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Better Homes & Garden
To thrive in place or to go elsewhere seems to be the talk of the town for Baby Boomers. As the market continues to restore itself from the fall in 2007, it’s not selling that seems to be the problem, but finding a home that meets all your needs. On March 29, Mike Collins discussed the rise of Charlotte’s market.Collins and guests focused on the inventory available in the surrounding areas, and the price tag that comes attached.

What's next?

As you decide what you want to do with your home, although selling may seem appealing, trying to find the home that meets all your needs as you transition into each stage in life, can be difficult to find. What we find now, are most homeowners are wanting to remain in their homes because of the desire for the neighborhood and the low price point once retirement takes precedence.

How can we help?

It’s not only listening to what you want, but determining how to incorporate changes that promote independence, active living, and sophistication. Creating functional rooms that allows ease as you transition through each life stage.


Option 1: Is it feasible to make your current home work for you?

Style Blue Print

Option 2: What changes can be made to your existing home that offers both support and independence?

Workshop 360
Option 3: Are we remodeling an entire floor that offers the freedom of choice and space design?

The choice is yours!

We're here to tell you that you don’t have to uproot your life, you can make what you currently own accessible, allowing you to remain independent in your daily life.

Transitioning? Let us help you get started!

Colorfully yours,

Thursday, April 5, 2018

First impressions: Dehli, Jaipur & Agra (Part 1)

Day one began in Delhi.

Liv, Karin, and I made an appointment at the spa, not something you would imagine beginning an adventure with but something I would highly recommend! A good head and neck massage is the cure-all for jet lag.

The very first thing I noticed, is that men seem to do all of the work in India. They are everywhere and doing everything from massaging and hairstyling to waiting tables and housekeeping. It's interesting to see what we are accustom to in the states, although the act is the same, be carried out differently elsewhere.

After our morning of being pampered by men, we went to the Kahn market.

The Kahn Market, to my surprise, is one of the most expensive commercial real estate locations in Delhi due to it's proximity to the embassies. The market houses a wide variety of shops, some we recognized, and sold anything from jewelry to fabric to food.

Our last stop was a lovely shop called Good Earth which contained three levels of pure desire; a chic boutique, a home goods store, and a posh little restaurant.

Aren't these cushions beautiful? Many of the pieces you find in India are personally crafted by hand. These cushions in particular are hand painted on linen.

The restaurant at Good Earth was lovely. My eyes would not stop moving. I was distracted by the wallpaper selections, the color of the ceiling, and the saree's worn by those nearby. There's truly nothing like it. 

Stay tuned for more first impressions as Liv, Karin and I travel to Jaipur and Agra. There's so much more to share as we continued our journey and learned more about the textiles of India.

Until then,