Thursday, August 22, 2013

Adventures in Austin, TX!

This past weekend, I went to Austin, Texas to move my son Anthony into his new house to start graduate school!  Austin is a great city that prides itself on being weird!  During my short trip, I wanted to experience all that Austin had to offer.  Here are some of the highlights from the weekend, enjoy!

John Mueller Meat Co.  If you are ever in Austin, eating at this authentic Texas BBQ restaurant is an absolute must!  This was the best BBQ and brisket that I've ever had!

Allens Boots:  This store was about as Texas as they come!  They have a huge selection of cowboy hats, clothes, and cowboy boots.  The walls of cowboy boots really made me feel like I was in Texas!

Uncommon Objects:  This very unique store definitely showcased Austin's "weirdness"!  Uncommon Objects carries antiques, oddities, and "curious goods".  From stuffed rodents to funky masks, this store was full of conversation pieces!
Just a few of Uncommon Objects' oddities and curious goods!

Flight of the Bats:   Every night at dusk, millions of bats fly out from under the Congress St. Bridge and travel up the river.  Lots of families and tourists gather to watch this spectacular event, and it was truly a site to see!

Cowboy hats are everywhere in Austin!  While we were out and about, I counted tons of cowboy hats, worn by both tourists and locals!  Of all the cowboy hats I saw over the weekend, this was the biggest and the best:

A weekend away is a great opportunity to get inspired by new cultures and ideas!  Vacations are also a great time to find unique and interesting pieces for your home or office.  If you need help integrating unique pieces or ideas into your home or office design, contact me at for a consultation.

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