Tuesday, October 21, 2014

High Point Market 2014: Interior Style Spotter

            Every year at High Point Market there is so much to see and do and this year was no exception.  Visiting some of my favorite showrooms and making new discoveries is one of my favorite things to do as an interior designer.  As I made my way through many of the showrooms, there were a few major trends that stuck out at me that I want to highlight today.  The major style trends interpreted uniquely by each showroom were geodes used in many different ways, velvet upholstery, and sheepskin and fur inspired textures! 

            Geodes have exploded onto the scene and at High Point, you can find about any manifestation of geodes from cocktail table and accent tables to light fixtures incorporating these colorful and multi-faceted pieces.  I really enjoyed seeing the many pieces that incorporated geodes that are so versatile and can bring a lot of excitement to any space!

            Around every corner at market, you were not far from a velvet upholstered sofa or dining chair.  This luxurious fabric is making its resurgence in the coming year with some modern interpretations.  I especially enjoyed this gorgeous Lucite dining chair upholstered with velvet that has such a luxurious look. 

            Animal hides that were so popular last year don’t show any sign of losing their following, however we have a new trend for the coming year in the form of sheepskin and fur inspired furniture, pillows, and poufs.  These pieces bring fabulous texture with them and are definitely pieces that will receive a lot of attention!

            Market was a blast and I feel so full of inspiration.  I will be heading back to see even more tomorrow.  What do you think of the latest Style Spotting at High Point Market?

Have a great day,


  1. Amazing finds. I love this blog. The design is so interesting and new. Also, I think I may find that pillow.

    1. Thanks so much Kristen, I'm so happy your enjoying the blog. Let me know if you have to have the pillow, we can it happen