Thursday, October 23, 2014

Charlotte Interior Design Heads to El Salvador!

            I am so excited to announce that I will travel this weekend to El Salvador to assist in a Habitat for Humanity mission.  I will be traveling and building with my father with whom I am thrilled to share this experience with.  Habitat focuses on creating decent, durable living spaces for those in need locally and internationally.  This can include renovating and preserving existing structures or providing new construction at an affordable price in order to promote dignity and hope for those most needing of assistance.  One thing I have always respected and appreciated about Habitat is their commitment to sustainable construction that has long lasting benefits. 
            El Salvador in particular has been struck by a series of recent natural disasters, creating both an urban and rural need for affordable housing.  At this time, 51% of people living in El Salvador are in need of new housing due to disasters or the decay of existing structures.  Recently, the Habitat Charlotte location has assisted in providing land, electricity, water, septic systems, and green areas for 60 low-income families.  In addition to physically creating housing, Habitat also assists in educating families in El Salvador to build a budget, analyze and control their expenses, and follow a savings plan to move further than simply constructing a new residence, but constructing a new, brighter future.
Find out more information about Habitat for Humanity’s initiatives in El Salvador by clicking here. 
            As an interior designer, this is a mission very close to my heart and it will be a very special trip to share with my father.  I look forward to sharing pictures and stories from my experiences!  
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