Thursday, October 16, 2014

Detroit Interior Designs Come to North Carolina

            As we are gearing up for High Point Market this weekend, I’ve been getting excited to go to some of my favorite showrooms as well as many new vendors.  One of these is the Detroit Wallpaper Company, who are real movers and shakers in the wallpaper sector.  Co-owned by Andi Kubacki and Josh Young , their designs are clean and modern with incredible imagination.  Their website offers a customizable option for designers rather than a 10 day turnaround time to view your specified colorway.  Detroit Wallpaper gives a fresh, modern take on wallpaper and they have recently expanded into producing rugs and tables.  Here are some portfolio pictures of their designs found on their website:

I can’t wait to see their showroom this weekend at Market.  I’m interested to hear your thoughts on their modern prints!  Stay tuned for all my updates from High Point Market in next week’s post and in the meantime, we will be posting our favorite finds on Instagram!

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