Thursday, August 6, 2015

Refresh Your Home With A Fresh Coat Of Paint!

One of the most simple and stunning ways to refresh your home without undertaking a huge renovation endeavor is rethinking your current paint colors.  A simple coat of paint can completely change the mood of the room, can enlarge the perceived size, invigorate, and even relax you.  It can be just the change to make you re-examine that tired old room!

Think About Your Mood
One of the most important things when planning a paint refresh is to understand what mood you would like the space to give off.  For instance, painting a fun saturated hue for a children’s playroom will create an atmosphere of energy, creativity, and excitement, which is not the mood you may want when considering a tranquil and restorative space like your bedroom.  Start with the feeling you would like to have when you’re in the space and build from there!

Consider Your Lighting
Understanding how your lighting, both natural and artificial, will interact with your paint color is key to pulling your home refresh off.  We have said goodbye to our incandescent bulbs of old, which were our best ally at mimicking yellow-y, warm candlelight and now rely mainly on halogen and LED that provide a much cooler, blue shade of white.  Selecting a cool grey paint color with blue undertones for a room with lots of artificial cool LED light could bring out much more blue than you had hoped.

When In Doubt, Test It Out!
The previous two tips may make sense in theory, but sometimes how do you know unless you give it a shot?  And that’s exactly what you can do!  You can easily get a small jar of your prospective paint color and paint a large poster board or even a large swatch right on your wall.  Give yourself a few days to think on it and be sure to check out the colors at different times of day to see how it interacts with your natural and artificial lighting and don’t forget to have the girls over for wine on Thursday night for moral support!

        I hope you all enjoyed our exploration of color today!  I hope it inspires you to think about refreshing your home this fall!  

Have a great day,

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