Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Refresh Your Home: Tips For Blending Households

  It can be a big challenge to combine your own tastes with another person, especially when working on blending your existing pieces with those your new spouse.  When moving forward with this process, honesty and compromise are the key to successfully bringing your tastes together to create a home that embodies you all as a couple. It’s common for the nester in the relationship to take the reins, but to achieve this process to everyone’s satisfaction.  A good place to begin is to decide what pieces will stay and which will go and to make a list of new acquisitions that require both of your approval.  Also, deciding on the larger picture and getting more specific can be extremely helpful.  For instance, deciding on color, texture, or pieces of furniture you require can be a great jumping off point.  Here are some more tips to make the successful transition!

Incorporate Both Genders
Using both masculine and feminine shapes and colors can be a great way to represent the tastes of everyone.  They will also balance each other out to create visual harmony.

Reimagine The Things You Have
Your spouse may have a sofa in a hue that really just doesn’t work for you.  But the wonderful part of quality furniture is they will last for decades and can be reupholstered or painted to suit your evolving tastes and needs.  Reupholstering or painting existing furniture can be a great way to refresh what you have instead of making costly new acquisitions.

It’s About YOUR Family
Brainstorm as a couple the mood, feel, or aesthetic you all would like to have.  You can create an interior that is worthy of the cover of a magazine but what does that matter if you both don’t enjoy it and doesn't feel like your family's home.  Consider your collective tastes and fill you home with things you BOTH love.  This will create exactly the fresh start you are both looking for.

I hope you enjoyed our post today!  Blending households can be a tricky process but at Rosa Dest Interiors, we have worked with couples blending households and seen the process through to the excitement of all members of the family, which is truly one of the most thrilling parts of being a designer.  For more inspiration, be sure to check out our Refresh Your Home Pinterest board.

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