Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Refresh Your Home: Window Treatments Edition

A stunning way to give a room a facelift is to refresh your window treatments.  Window treatments can be just the key to giving your home that polished, sophisticated look.  It’s one area we advise putting emphasis into and taking into account when creating your budget.  With so many choices it can be difficult to figure out a starting place, here are a few ideas to get the juices flowing!

A great jumping off point can be figuring out just what you need the window treatment to provide.  Is it a bedroom where you are hoping for a blackout option?  A dark space that may be enhanced with a semi-sheer treatment that allows in natural light? Without this step and simply jumping in, you may end up with a treatment that does not suit your needs.  

Whether it’s color, shape, texture, or pattern, try to hammer down a few of your top priorities to revive your space and that works with your existing choices.  This will be especially easy after you’ve figured out the function you would like the treatment to serve, as that will narrow down your options.

Getting It Right
Picking out the appropriate size to have a floor skimming or puddling look with just the right stack can make or break your window treatment.  Executing the look in a polished way requires planning.  Here are some of our own favorite projects!

I am a huge fan of polished window treatments because they add to the total look in such a stunning way!  Check out more inspiration on our Refresh Your Home Pinterest board!

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