Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Need a makeover? Refresh Your Decor

Refreshing your decor and staging vignettes can be an excellent way to breathe life into your space.  Simply rearranging the possessions you already have in a thoughtful and artistic manner can create that ‘magazine cover’ look.  Here are some tips to help you reposition your favorite pieces into polished vignettes.

Consider Your Existing Space
Coordinating color or adding thoughtful splashes of color, texture, and pattern through books, objets, vases, and other keepsakes that you enjoy.  Similarly, they can complement the theme or style in your room.  It’s always great to display in odd numbers!

Consider Your Lighting
Staging a vignette in an ill-lit area can defeat the purpose.  Consider adding a light fixture to complement your vignette, which will draw more attention to your thoughtful creation.

Consider varying heights and sizes to add visual interest.  Similarly, you can create depth by layering the depth of your display items with some more prominent and some playing a more supporting role in the background.

I hope you enjoyed our quick tips to setting up expert vignettes.  We would love to see pictures of your own project!

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