Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Re-Treats: Home Bar

Our ‘Re-Treats’ featured this month is kicking it up a notch today by exploring the fun, entertaining space that can be created with a home bar.  One of my own favorite outcomes of an at home bar is creating your home as the Friday night destination spot for your friends and family!  And you can stock all the items you’ll actually use.  One of the most important things to keep in mind as you envision this space is to have fun with it, it’s a bar after all! Here are some quick tips to imagine this space in your home!

So yes, you’ll be entertaining, but imagine just how you would like that to be in your home and the amenities that you require to enhance your lifestyle.  If you’d also like to have a space to prepare coffee and espresso beverages with a dedicated coffee bar or to blend a your favorite beverage with a blender, do it!  Pinpointing functionality is the key to creating a space that will enhance your lifestyle, and hey, our motto is ‘Design to suit your lifestyle’ for a reason!

Storage Area
Whether you are creating your home bar with a bar cart, credenza, or dedicated built-in cabinetry, be sure to give yourself enough storage for all utensils and small appliances you may require.  This allows you to focus on creating a stylized focal point out of the items you would like to display, whether it’s bottle collection, stylized glasses, or other decorative items.

Details, Details, Details Am I beginning to sound like a broken record here?! But it can’t be stressed enough, creating a polished look from head to toe comes from attention to detail and the touches that create intention and harmony.  Texture, pattern, and color are just a jump off points, but imagining your the mood or theme you would like your space to have can help you consider just how those details will complement your space!

Don’t Forget Your Lighting!
From illuminating your display or having just the right angle to enhance a metallic or textured backsplash, your total look comes together with your lighting!  It creates interest, enhances your aesthetic, and can further convey your style and theme for the space.

And here is a transitional Butler's Pantry that I just loved bringing to life!

I hope you enjoyed another Tuesday Re-Treat!  Check back on Thursday for our final Re-Treat!  And if you want more at home bar inspiration, check out our Re-Treats Pinterest board!

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