Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Design Retreats: Luxury Bathroom

Bathroom design has been evolving to accommodate the growing desire to elevate a bathroom into an experience that expands far beyond bathing.  Transforming or renovating an existing bathroom to create a relaxing haven complete with furniture, television, sound systems, and fireplaces is growing ever more popular. 

Room To Lounge

One way to take your bathroom from a utilitarian space to a luxurious retreat is to devote space to lounging.  Whether that is selecting a bathtub with Chromatherapy, an adjacent dressing lounge and vanity, a fireplace, or wet room, pinpointing what amenity suits your lifestyle is key.  Consider how you would like to use the space and grow from there.  

It’s All About The Details

From beautiful Carrera marble to brass fixtures, selecting your finishes can really enhance the mood you would like to the space to have.  These selections can elevate your bathroom for a natural, spa like feel or a glamorous dressing area.   The sky is the limit but it all comes together in the details.  

Creating luxury bathrooms are one of my favorite types of projects.  Is there one dream feature you wish your bathroom had?  We would love to hear it!

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