Thursday, July 9, 2015

Re-Treat Yourself!

As we move into July we are all no doubt craving a vacation!  Whether it's a weekend to the beach or the mountains or even a larger travel adventure, it's the season for retreats!  Retreats are entirely individual and can be a quiet refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday, an invigorating space to stimulate your body and mind, or even a dedicated space to an activity you enjoy sharing with family and friends.  Since retreats come in so many different forms, why not consider making your own at-home retreat, waiting for you 365 days a year to invoke just that mood and indulge in it!  This month we will be dedicating our blog posts to creating that ideal at-home retreat providing a range of functions with tons of style!  

Every space in your home has the potential to be a retreat, it's simply putting the elements together to invoke that feeling inside.  For instance, why should a laundry room be dull simply because a chore goes on there?  Wouldn't an energetic and vibrant wallpaper that delights and invigorates you make you feel 100x better about doing the dreaded laundry?  That's just one example of how to bring life to everyday spaces and derive a source of energy from them.  To begin our theme, check out some of helpful tips below to get those creative juices flowing!

You May Already Know What You Want
Did you recently eat at a restaurant that featured a color you love? Get a peak into a neighbor's powder room and loved their daring wallpaper? Most likely, you've already seen something that you love that can inspire you. Whether it was a painting on a recent gallery trip or a color you can't seem to get out of your head, USE IT!

How you will use the space greatly influences the things you put in it.  For instance, if you are seeking to create an at-home yoga studio, you would want to avoid carpet and find a flooring that would best enhance your practice, provide comfort, and be long-lasting.

Via Architectural Digest

Consider Things You Love

Featuring something sentimental is an excellent way to begin defining your space.  Be sure to include at least one piece that makes you reminisce and encourages the mood you would like the space to reflect.  Decorate for you!  

 Re-Treat Yourself!

Indulge and delight yourself, it's your retreat after all!  Whether it's a fun chair with a bold print or a lovely, lacquered etagere in a striking shade, select a piece just for yourself!

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