Thursday, July 16, 2015

Design Retreats: At Home Gym

We are really re-treating ourselves today with a peek at some fantastic home gyms and some tips for considering your own.  At home gyms are a fantastic way to incorporate health and well-being into your lifestyle with ease and convenience.  And why shouldn’t your home offer a place to promote that!  Here are a few of our quick tips when envisioning your at home gym.

Consider Your Space

Whether you are seeking to transform an existing space or dedicate a space with renovation, you will first and foremost want to consider your space.  Creating a spacious feel in your at home gym regardless of the actual square footage you can dedicate.  We love creating a grander sense of space with mirrors and exciting window treatments!

Simplify Your Selections

Consider what you will truly use!  Rather than go all out on purchasing large gym equipment think about what you will truly use.  Surround yourself with things that will create and enhance your routine.  And don’t forget a space for stretching!

Don’t Forget Your Audiovisual Experience

It wouldn’t be a home gym without an audiovisual system set up to give you great sound on your favorite show, play your favorite tunes, or creating a mood of relaxation for meditation by softly dimming your favorite sconces.  This feature will truly pull you back into the room!





Small Spaces

Are you feeling in the mood for a workout now!  I certainly would any one of these at home gyms.  Check out our Re-Treat Yourself Pinterest board to check out more at home gyms and retreat worthy spaces to make you drool.

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    1. Thanks so much James and so happy you liked it.