Thursday, January 5, 2012

Using Tangerine Tango in your Interiors

As a Charlotte based designer,  keeping up with the latest design trends is part of my duties as a professional designer.  Trends will influence what consumers will see in fashion, interiors and other products.
We all know interior design colors do not change as rapidly as those in fashion.  Brentano Design Director Iris Wang points out that this is a positive aspect, otherwise everyone would be pressured to change upholstery fabric and drapery with far too much frequency.

What we do see in interiors are punches of the color used as accents and accessories.
This hot and spicy hue has a lot of depth to it.   The red and yellow undertones create a dramatic visual that radiates heat and energy.

Paired with neutrals, Tangerine Tango will be sure to brighten up a space and add pop.


Here are some fun and economical ideas that will add spice to your interiors using Tangerine Tango 
• Paint a wall Tangerine Tango for a dynamic burst of color.. use of accent pieces, such as accent 
• Use as an accent piece in upholstery (accent chair, dining chair seats, bar stools, ottomans)
• Pillows, have fun with them
• Rugs, small or large - walls chairs, rugs and pillows.

This vibrant color will be the inspiration  adding  that “WOW” factor to life.

Story board created by Rosa Dest Interiors

So go ahead and add a little hot & spicy to your space

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