Thursday, January 12, 2012

March Madness Transformation

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                  March Madness Transformation
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Some of you may remember our March Madness competition last year when I asked readers to submit their most troublesome room and I gave away a Two hour in home consultation.  I actually selected two rooms,and I wanted to share the changes made to Marcela's room with you.
Marcela's sunroom before
description of Marcela's room  
I began by having a conversation with Marcela and deciding on her goals and what she wanted the room to feel like.   I next evaluated the space to see what was actually not working in the room and what needed to be done to make it work.   
The sun room had great bones, an awesome fireplace,  beautiful floors, high ceilings and lots of windows, not to mention some great looking leather sofas and a darling settee with coordinating chairs.
            Marcela 1/12   
            Marcela b4 1/12        

My challenge was how to tie everything together to make it work for her and develop a plan.

I began by rearranging the furniture and creating spaces within the space. 

    Marcela new 1/12
By complementing the existing colors and adding Marcelas' charm, the room became a place she calls "her own room".  And in a house full of men, she really needed her own space.
                      Marcela sette 1/12
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