Thursday, March 31, 2016

Remarried or starting over? Rosa's secret sauce to decorating dilemma's

Dear Rosa,

How to?
 Add my partners pieces from a previous life without stepping on toes? 

Rosa's Secret Sauce to solving a blended families decorating dilemma's

1.  Find the right spot for it:

First, find out how important that piece is to your partner. It may just be a TEMPORARY  spot filler. If that is the case approach it from the standpoint of looking for a piece that you BOTH love and replace it with that.

2. Have some fun!

 If it's something odd or quirky, have some fun with it and display it.  We all need something fun in our homes that speak to our personalities. 

3. Get Creative!


                                Update with a new look


                             Display it in a different 


Place it in a different room and use it in a different way

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