Thursday, March 10, 2016

How to blend lifestyles when your blending families the second time around

Since my last post, I had a couple more questions regarding blending lifestyles when starting over the second time around. Please feel free to reach out as this is a HOT topic.

1. My wife has a real hard time making a decision and is a bit more price conscious than I. I just want to get it done! How can I get her to make a decision and stop shopping around.

My suggestion would be to hire an interior designer and slow down. A designer would give your wife the appropriate information on selections of furniture sizes, fabrics and finishes to avoid making costly mistakes and help her make an informed decision as opposed to one based on instinct and cost. Oftentimes people buy things because they are on sale and at the moment look so pretty and actually it's the WRONG piece. They are either the wrong size or there is no place for it.

2.What do we do with all of the art work and photographs we have between the two of us and how and where do we hang everything that is important to both our pasts?

Start by sorting!  Look at all of the pictures you have and separate them into piles:
1. Keepers
2. Maybe's
3. Get rid off.

Keepers - Pieces either have  monetary or sentimental value. The Keepers  are those that  are really important to BOTH  of you.

Maybe's - you liked them once, maybe had them hanging in your old house and they looked pretty or filled a space - now you can't find a spot for them or they don't work in your new house. They may not work in the room you had them designated for - they could work in another room.

Get rid off -  they're either ugly or in bad shape or have bad memories - let someone else enjoy them.
My suggestion is to each sort through your own pieces and then sort through each of your stacks together. Try to be sensitive about the ones you love and hate.

If this blog was helpful, please let me know.

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