Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Three things to consider when planning your garden

     A quick glance outside points to one thing: spring is here!  I’m sure the film of green pollen coating your car overnight was a clue too!  Cherry trees, forsythia, and daffodils are just a few plants I have seen bursting to life that make Charlotte so beautiful this time of year. 

     Spending so much time outdoors with the nicer weather inspired this month’s theme: garden and landscaping design!  Having a beautiful, relaxing outdoor space can be low-maintenance and delight you and your family everyday and really stun your guests.  Your front and back yards are truly an extension of your home, so give them the attention they deserve!  Here are a few tips we put together to begin envisioning your own garden design.

Here are three things to think about when planning your garden

Don’t Make Lighting An Afterthought

     Aside from properly illuminating your home’s pathways, decks, porches, and especially deterring intruders, lighting your garden with soft lighting can add to its visual beauty that brings an exciting flair after dark.  Your garden and yard are an extension of your home, so use lighting to accentuate architectural features like fencing, trees, fountains, or statuary for a sophisticated and thoughtful addition.  Imagine how much longer you would stay outside—and the alfresco entertaining!

                                                                          Via BHG

Keep It Low Maintenance

Tired of mowing the lawn?  Can’t commit to gardening on top of your busy lifestyle?  Creating a garden cuts down on the space you actually have to mow and using native plants that require less attention can give you that polished look without the hassle.

                                                                    Garden Ideas

Have The Trellis Of Your Dreams

You too can have a beautiful trellis draped with greenery like the enviable gardens you see in magazines!  Grape Ivy or oakleaf ivy clings to trellises, stakes, and other garden features for a lovely draped look.  The vine tendrils really grab onto structures, achieving that lush, natural look on your favorite garden fixture.

                                                          Via My Castle in Spain

  Can’t get enough of these beautiful gardens!  Check out our Garden Delights Pinterest board for more inspiration.  Also a few fun events are going on at Wing Haven Garden & Bird Sanctuary in the next month if you want some real inspiration!  They will be hosting the  2016 Gardeners' Garden Tour May 7-8.  Truly events not to be missed.  If you're interested check out their website for times, registration, and events.

Have a colorful day!

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