Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Your Holiday Guide Book: Tips For Pulling It Off

One of the most challenging parts of interior design is efficient and effective space planning but I always love a good project because it’s a great way to incorporate some creative problem solving that leads to the satisfaction of an exciting and functional finished project.  Larger holiday gatherings even in extremely spacious homes can see bottlenecking or can prove to be a tight squeeze.  Creating traffic zones, flow, and ample seating to accommodate larger gatherings will create a festive and comfortable atmosphere for your guests.  As much as we all love to end up in the kitchen, it certainly is the time of year to use your formal living room!

Adding seating to your existing space and even slightly rearranging your current lay out can be a great to accommodate larger gatherings.  This allows you the choice of creating larger, open seating arrangements with plenty of cushions and pillows to incorporate everyone in one room or smaller, more intimate conversation zones spread throughout your living spaces to allow varied areas for all age groups!  When creating those smaller, intimate, and more numerous seating areas your nesting tables can really come in handy to accommodate your guests’ glasses.  Trays in bright hues that complement your palette are another great solution.  And it’s also a great location for a festive snack bowl of homemade holiday candy and other festive decor.

Creating lounge seating arrangements and pre-planning your dining seating arrangements will definitely save you time and streamline your hosting duties!  And that’s something everyone can get on board with!
For those of you tired of decorating for the holidays the same way each year, consider a Holiday consultation package where I will come to your house tweak, polish and give new life to your existing holiday decor designer style. Spaces are filling quickly, schedule yours today. rosa@rosadestinteriors.com

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