Thursday, November 5, 2015

Festive and Fabulous: Selecting Your Holiday Interior Decor

As I kick off our holiday guide book to get you geared up for the holiday season, I wanted to begin with defining your holiday style to create a harmonious look to spread throughout your house.  Of course, it’s fun to find variations but pinpointing a theme whether it’s a palette of soft ivories and blushes with metallic accents or a rustic feel with rich colors will help you create a curated look.  This month we also want to give quick tips that I have come across and had to share these!

-A clean and sophisticated holiday ambiance can effortlessly come together with a natural look combining neutral colors and golden lighting.  There will be something magical in the air with this look!

-In my ‘Pinspiration’ sessions I’ve noticed a fun and fresh trend of mixing pink, green, and yellow together.  The palette adds a flair of excitement and is an exciting twist on a holiday palette!

-Gather your glass vases, pitchers, and hurricane glasses in varying sizes and fill them with festive ornaments in your color palette for a great centerpiece.  For a large table we love creating unique clusters to feature along your center!

-Bring a simple, fresh, and natural feel with garlands to decorate your fireplace or adorn your table!  To really go for the gusto, adding warm white lights to your decorative garlands creates a stunning, thoughtful addition.

-Take the opportunity to spice up your chairs!  Having established a palette that complements your existing dining space, adding a decorative ribbon in your color scheme can create an additional interest.  It’s all in the details!

Have a great day,