Thursday, November 12, 2015

November Newsletter: You Holiday Guide Book

 I’m dedicating the month of November to get you prepared for memorable holiday season in style.  With a little consideration now, you’ll be able to create a  magazine worthy polished look with your holiday decor.  Not only will it save you last minute decorating stress but it will also save you time to spend the holidays the way they are meant to be spent: with family and friends!

Elegant Neutrals

Fun Hues

Rustic Sophistication

     Here are some envious holiday themed interiors to inspire you and get you motivated to create your plan of action!  In each of our blog posts this month we will be creating Your Holiday Guide Book with ideas and tips so you can pull it off!  And be sure to check out our Pinterest board with even more inspiring holiday interiors.
For those of you tired of decorating for the holidays the same way each year, consider a Holiday consultation package where I will come to your house tweak, polish and give new life to your holiday decor designer style. Let me know what you think

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