Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Ultimate Kitchen Guide: Kitchen Lighting Trends

Whether your looking to bring warmth, highlight a focal point, or to provide task lighting in your kitchen, lighting provides the backbone for your space.  No look is really complete without expert lighting, so never make it an afterthought!  Function and aesthetics need to be equally important when selecting your lighting fixtures to ensure usefulness and to create a stunning look.  We have seen some distinct trends this year and here are our top picks.

Oversized Fixtures
Make a statement with your lighting!  Oversized fixtures can create a instantaneous focal point especially when selected in a purposeful size in interesting materials.  Natural and neutral finishes can soften a larger fixture or be bold with a colorful oversized fixture.

Rubbed Bronze Pendants
Rubbed bronze light fixtures add instant drama and sophistication to your kitchen.  We especially love the stunning contrast they provide in white kitchens.

Display Lighting
Take advantage of your beautiful open shelves or glass door cabinetry and draw attention to your favorite heirlooms or carefully selected pieces with LED strip lighting to show off your china.  We love the functionality of LED strip lighting as task lighting and their ability to be applied in discreet places to provide a seamless look.

Natural Materials 

We absolutely loved seeing the rise in popularity of natural materials mixed with more luxurious materials!  Think rope or burlap adorned suspension tubing with crystal pendant glass.  It gives a fantastic rustic chic look without screaming cabin-look.

Have any of these fixture trends piqued your interest? While selecting the right fixture can be a bit tricky, the results are well worth the effort.  And whether you’re undertaking a full kitchen renovation or simply looking for ways to make your existing kitchen more polished and stunning, lighting is just the key!  Check out more kitchen lighting on our Ultimate Kitchen Guide Pinterest board!

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