Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Range Hoods: The Focal Point We All Love

We absolutely love the sophisticated and polished look a thoughtful range hood can bring to a space.  We are always fans of perfectly married function and aesthetics!  There is a style to suit everyone’s taste with carefully curated finishes, textures, and mouldings to choose from.  Clean lines in stainless or high-gloss sheens can spice up your contemporary kitchen and thoughtful details can bring just the harmonious touch to your traditional space.  Defining a few key parameters can help select the best fit to enhance a kitchen.

Considering the space you have is essential to picking just the right proportion of your space.  While we love a grand cover to draw your eyes directly to a hood, there is always a fine line when considering the size to not overwhelm your space.

Hammering down a style to fit your kitchen is crucial to pulling off the look.  For traditional, think ornate and luxurious and for a more contemporary look think clean, flat lines in glossy hues.

From stainless steel, a high sheen lacquer to exquisite wood mouldings to complement your cabinetry, you have options!  This selection is much clearer once you hammer down your size and style.

The final two kitchens feature some of my own favorite kitchen remodel projects where the custom designed range hood really brought the space together!  Check out more of our favorite kitchen range hoods on our Pinterest board here!

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