Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Ultimate Kitchen Guide: Appliances To Simplify Your Life

       When considering a kitchen remodel or appliance refresh, it is important to consider exactly what options you have in the world of appliances.  Rather than making this choice an afterthought that doesn’t fit your budget, we recommend considering appliances as an integral part of your kitchen.  And considering all the new options out there today, you’d be kicking yourself if you didn’t!  I hope this collection of some top new appliances will help kick off your search and get you thinking about what new appliances would simplify and enhance your lifestyle.

Induction Cooktop
Induction is the hottest new way to equip your range.  Induction technology heats up phenomenally fast with precision and is extremely efficient.  A great way to save time on your cooking creations for busy nights!

Convection Steam Oven
I am a huge fan of convection steam ovens because they allow you to prepare a healthy, delicious meal for your family in a snap.  You can cut out oils and additional fats in favor of steaming your food, a method that locks in flavor and moisture delivering an expertly cooked dish every time.  The warming function is also fantastic doesn’t dry out your meal.  Did I mention they’re also great for proofing your homemade breads!
Warming Drawer
My favorite appliance for entertaining!  You don’t have to be chained to the stove while entertaining.  You can prepare your meal in advance and simply warm when you’re ready so you can focus on enjoying your company!

Wine Refrigerator 
A must have for the wine aficionado.  Wine refrigerators allow optimum conditions for storing and maintaining your favorite blends.  The varied capacities there is the right size for the new collector or already an those already on their way to an impressive cellar.

Beverage Centers
Another great way to store your family’s favorite beverages are dedicated beverage refrigerators.  Save yourself the trip to the garage and make extra space in your refrigerator with  these convenient undercounter appliances.

Built-In Coffee Maker
Espresso lovers everywhere rejoice!  Built-in coffee makers offer you high quality brewing to deliver smooth roasted blends of your favorite java.  Aside from the fantastic amenity of a perfectly brewed cup every time, we love built-in coffee makers because they remove the clutter from your countertops and can allow your fixtures, lighting, and materials to be the real focus in your kitchen.

Which appliance would most simplify your life?  I hope this was a great jumping off point to get you thinking about all the way you can simplify your own life! If your ready to start planning your new kitchen we are here to help. Feel free to email me and I am happy to get you started on the right track.

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