Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Things We Love: White Interiors

            I hope everyone is hunkered down today enjoying a much-needed day of rest.  As we all stare out at the snow and ice that have blanketed the South, it’s got me thinking about the color white.  Every year we get excited for the release of Pantone’s Color of the Year, we love seeing exciting pops of color, but what about the color white?  With so much behind the meaning of white, today let’s explore this versatile color! 

            White is a color that usually isn’t ones favorite as a child; it’s more of an acquired taste.  White reflects a clean and neat personality, with far-sighted knowledge and excellent problem solving skills.  This explains why white in interiors serves as a resting place, to slow down the eye and take in a space.  White is seen as a color that truly feeds the soul and provides the chance for the observer to take in their thoughts.  White also works to make the colors that are combined with it really pop.  Specifically, white combined with black, brown, or grey can create seductive ambiance.  So let’s see how white really works used in diverse interiors!






            With so many interesting uses of the color white, do you feel fonder of the color?  Don't forget to check out our Pinterest board dedicated to our favorite white interiors.  Do any of these interiors speak to you?  I’m interested to hear your thoughts!    Stay warm and enjoy the snow day!

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