Thursday, February 19, 2015

Things We Love: Mixed Metallics

          Mixed metallics are a hot new trend in the interior design and they are popping up in every room: kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and the foyer.  Every metallic hue can be added to the mix and paired beautifully! Think gold and silver of course,  but don't forget about brass, oil rubbed bronze, rose gold, black iron, copper, and satin nickel to create a unique, bold mixed metallic space.  This look brings a luxurious feel to your space and will be sure to reflect light phenomenally.  

          This is definitely a departure from our preconceived notion, especially in  the kitchen and bathroom, that you have to pick a finish and stick to it.  By shaking it up and mixing metallics, you can bring added warmth or cool down a space.  It also adds interest that will get your guests talking!

          Is this a trend you can get on board with?  Or do you hope this is another one that fades away?  If you're not convinced, check out our Pinterest board and see for yourself!

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