Friday, February 27, 2015

2015 Design Bloggers Conference

           Today I am blogging from the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta, Georgia and it’s been such a blast!  Coming to events like these and having the opportunity to meet so many people and sharing ideas is truly what keeps the inspiration flowing.  And they certainly keep you stacked from event to event, but you can’t complain when there is a glass of wine waiting for you!  Here are some of the fantastic highlights thus far:

The Madcap Cottage Boys

This morning I was fortunate enough to see John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon, the Madcap Cottage Boys.  Their designs are whimsical, so colorful, and full of life.  They are from High Point, but serve an international clientele and are absolutely inspirational! 

Bunny Williams

The elegant and timeless designs of Bunny Williams have inspired me in my many years as a designer.  Hearing her speak today was such a fantastic opportunity and hearing her discuss the style of her own homes was very interesting.  She tends not to redecorate often, but upgrades her furniture to allow the space to naturally evolve.  How fantastic!  And don’t get me started on how gorgeous her Punta Cana house is!

Nate Berkus

The stunningly talented Nate Berkus spoke today also.  His eclectic style with bold prints has truly distinguished him as a design leader.  And today it was so wonderful when he got the audience pumped up.  Nate said “Self-empowered design is permission to your home reflect who you are.”  I absolutely love that statement!

            Can’t wait to report back with more excitement from the Fest!

Have a great day,

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