Thursday, September 4, 2014

Spotlight: Mirth Studios Flooring Design

            I recently discovered Mirth Studios that specializes in hardwood floor tiles and is located just a few hours south of us in gorgeous Charleston, South Carolina.  Ever since I laid eyes on their “Whimsy” design, I can’t stop thinking about them for some of my projects!  Mirth Studios founder and interior designer Sally Bennett previously practiced in New York City, where her signature was her hand painted hardwood floors.  Bennett is now creating fun, patterned parquet tiles, filling the noticeable gap in the flooring market.  And I certainly can’t get enough of them!  Mirth also uses sustainable woods for her flooring, which certainly adds to their appeal.  

            Their designs bring a refreshing and exciting burst of color and shape.  The versatility as flooring, backsplash, or decorative focal point has my mind racing with ideas.  I hope you enjoy peeking at Mirth Studios designs, they are certainly receiving a lot of buzz right now and I’m so excited to share them with you.

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