Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Macramé and Fiber Art Making a Comeback

             Macramé, or the art of hand knotted textiles, is making a huge comeback in the arts and design scene.  Many of you may remember the kitschy 1970s macramé that was extremely popular or have images of earthy hippie homesteads.  Innovation and re-imagination have come to the world of macramé and free form weaving.  From fine art, to furniture design, to lighting fixtures, to wall hangings, a new contemporary style of macramé is being envisioned and created by artists and designers.  Creating an ambiance of modern minimalism, macramé today brings an abstract and understated presence to spaces. 

Knotted aramid and carbon fibers finished with epoxy resin

Macramé’s comeback adds natural, handmade softness that materials like mass-produced plastic simply can’t replicate.  Opting for macramé wall hangings can be an exciting earthy, textural addition, compared to a framed print.  Macramé isn’t limited to your mid-century modern space (which it does look fantastic with), but can be used in the widest of ranges of spaces from beach houses to formal contemporary. 

Macramé is popping up all over the place!  Here are just a few uses in residential and commercial spaces:

I’m interested to hear you opinion on this hot new trend for 2014!

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