Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pull Up A Chair!

  Bring Your Outdoor Kitchen to Life        

            Choosing the right furniture to enhance your outdoor kitchen and fit your lifestyle requires an in-depth assessment of your needs and how the space and your furniture will be used.  There are many different materials and products on the market to choose from and each boast their own claim to fame.  Insisting on high-quality, durable outdoor furniture, specific to your space, is key.  Just as when you purchase indoor furniture, you expect a certain lifetime and it can be a nasty shock to find your investment only lasts one or two seasons.   This can be avoided with consideration, allowing you to pinpoint the material and style that’s right for you. 

Location, location, location.  Will your outdoor furniture be located under an awning, on your patio, or completely exposed?  The location can dictate which materials are appropriate.  Traditional, untreated wicker can respond very badly to open exposure and would be better suited to a covered patio where it receives shelter from the elements.

Entertaining.  How will you use the space?  Will you require simply an outdoor dining table with seating sufficient for the family and a few possible guests?  Or do you envisage larger parties that require extra seating?  Asking yourself the above will make it clear just what your needs are. 

Form follows function.  Ask yourself what really works for you.  An outdoor chair that is too low to the ground can be difficult to sit or stand from, especially for older friends and family members.  Also, will your furniture remain stationary or do you desire flexibility to move chairs or tables for different events you may host.  If you do plan to move your furniture often, heavier wrought iron or hardwoods can prove weighty and difficult for the task. 

Consider weatherproofing treatments.  There are a variety of seals, oils, coatings, and rustproof paints that can prolong the longevity of your outdoor furniture.  With proper sealing and upkeep, you can enjoy your outdoor furniture for years to come, making the investment truly worth it. 

And of course, consider Sunbrella fabrics.  We are always talking about Sunbrella fabrics as an excellent indoor or outdoor upholstery option and for good reason.  Sunbrella fabrics are solution-dyed acrylic that resist UV rays, moisture, mildew, and staining while providing the same look and feel as your indoor furniture.  And best of all, Sunbrella is machine washable and bleachable making cleanup and maintenance a breeze. 

            With communication and planning, I can assist in creating an outdoor living space, specifically tailored to your needs.  Whether you desire a sanctuary for your family to enjoy nightly meals together or the best party location on your block, we can achieve that dream space together. 

            Have a great day, 

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