Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Illuminating Your Outdoor Kitchen

            One of the ways to maximize your time in your outdoor kitchen is to properly illuminate the exterior space, in order to extend the hours you will be able to entertain and enjoy the space well past sunset.  Lighting not only allows you to extend hours of use, but also creates an inviting and exciting beauty in your space.  There are many variables that go into creating a well-lit space, but as you begin to explore your options, I suggest the following points to consider.

Solar powered LEDs.  Solar powered LED lights have come a long way since their inception.  Now, effective solar powered LED flood lighting can be installed to provide the amount of light one would expect from non-solar powered sources with much more efficient energy use.  These solar power advancements allow today’s homeowner to experience the quality of outdoor lighting they would expect, while offering a more cost effective and sustainable design choice.

Task lighting, and lots of it!  Task lighting, or lighting that supports specific activities, is crucial in your outdoor kitchen.  Imagine chopping vegetables or trying to get those steaks to the perfect temperature in a under illuminated outdoor kitchen.  There are many creative and exciting options to make sure use of your outdoor kitchen runs just as smoothly during the day as at night.

Consider your fixture.  When planning outdoor lighting, it is crucial to consider what type of fixture you are using.  While pendant lights are a fantastic way to beautify and illuminate a space, they can unfortunately be collectors of cobwebs, dust, and dirt.  Creating a coherent lighting plan for your space will allow variables like this to be eliminated. 

Designing a lighting plan to enhance your outdoor entertaining center can be daunting, but I am here to help.  Creating a successful lighting plan is dependent on many variables, but should ultimately enhance your home in its entirety.  This means creating a striking visual whether you’re inside looking out or entertaining in your outdoor kitchen.  I am excited to work on creating just the right ambiance for your dream outdoor kitchen. 

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