Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year

HAPPY 2014!

     As I ring in the new year I like to spend some time reflecting on the previous year and making plans for the future.  These plans I call my dreams, for without them we are boring.

     A couple of years ago I went to a wonderful workshop with Rosie Molinary,  Visions SPARKS.  It was a wonderful and creative way to set new business goals for that year.  In her work shop we created a 'Vision Board', something I had never done.  For those of you not familiar with a vision board, it is an actual foam board with cut out pictures and words that represent your goals for the coming year.  Now you might think it sounds a little crazy and time consuming which I did until I actually started working on it.  The process really makes you think about yourself and what you would like to accomplish.  It also makes you really think about your WORD for the year.

My original 'vision board'

     I have decided to keep my original 'vision board' and add to it every year.  I feel like these original words describe me, goals an whats important to me in life.  

      From this 'vision board' comes my word for 2014

     Webster defines magic as: "Having the power to make impossible things happen involving the skill of doing tricks that seem to be impossible; capable of producing good results very easily and giving a feeling of enchantment".

     This is my word, and I want to make magic in your homes.  Every space needs a little magic to make it special.  I want to create magic in my paintings, making the colors dance.  Most importantly, I want to make magic in all of my relationships, creating a sense of trust in the friendships I develop.

     Now its your turn to find your word for 2014! Start by deciding what you want to accomplish this year, and what will inspire you to reach those goals.  Here is some inspiration to get you started:

Good luck!

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