Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Get Organized & Get Going!

In order to assess anything in our lives, we first have to get organized!  The same is true for our homes and offices.  Getting organized will allow us to see what small design changes can be made to improve our everyday lives!

Because the kitchen is often the center of the household, lets start there.  Here are some great tips from HGTV to help you get started:

1.  Go the Distance with Cabinet Space:  This will help you assess the functionality of your current set up, and determine if you have outgrown it.
     Tip:  Stemware glasses can be stored placing every other glass upside down to save room.
     Tip:  Frequently used items should be placed on the bottom shelf of the most convenient cabinet.

2.  Create Zones:  Organize items in your kitchen by their function.  For example, set up a baking zone by devoting a counter space and upper or bottom cabinet shelf to your baking needs.  Creating activity-focused zones is a great organization tip for any room in the home or office.

3.  Purge the Pantry:  Throw out old or expired food.  Donate neglected canned goods and nonperishables.  Next, group foods by category (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc.)
     Tip:  Use a lazy susan for spices and small condiments.
Click here for more kitchen organization tips from HGTV

Have you organized and you are still busting at the seams?  As the years go by, it is very common to outgrow your kitchen due to a growing family, or any changes that increase the need for functionality.  Maybe you are an empty nester with a new-found hobby for cooking!  Or perhaps you find yourself hosting friends and family more often.

Whatever the reason, organizing can open our eyes to our need for design changes.  These changes improve functionality and quality of life in a space.  Think about your needs, and check back Thursday for our post dedicated to determining your design goals and achieving those goals!

Have a great week!

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